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The Penn Vet Working Dog Center is dedicated to the research that contributes to the successful careers of detection dogs.

The first step is scientifically based breeding decisions, selecting for traits that enhance performance and decrease the prevalence physical or behavioral impediments.

The second step is to optimize the early development of those puppies to maximize their genetic potential and prepare them for their careers.

A key feature of our program is recognizing that each dog’s innate talents can prepare it for a detection career, but not all detection careers are the same. We allow our dogs to “pick their career”, building on their strengths. Puppies entering our program boast a graduation rate of over 94%!

Learn more about donating a puppy to our program.

“I believe we all have a responsibility to use our gifts and talents to make the world a better place. I have been in a lucky position to be able to donate puppies to the working dog center and am very proud of what they’ve accomplished thus far.”

Karen Wroblewski, DVM

Working Dog Center Breeding Program
 Year Breeding
 2021Pinto (TSA/WDC) x Oso (Arizona Task Force One) - January 2021
 2019 Pinto (TSA/WDC) x Boomer (WDC/Puppies Behind Bars) - September 2019
2018Pacy (WDC) x Pete (Puppies Behind Bars) - April 2018
2017Ffoster (TSA) x Pancho (Deep Run Farms) - September 2017
 2017 Socks (WDC) x Pete (Puppies Behind Bars) - June 2017
2017Felony (WDC) x Hector (Vrijheid Dutch Shepherds) - May 2017
2016Pacy (WDC) x Packer (TSA/WDC) - July 2016 
 2016 Socks (WDC) x Ddolan (TSA) - June 2016 
 2015 Ffoster (TSA) x DaVinci (CCI) - June 2015
2014 Zzisa (TSA) x Ffisher (TSA) - June 2014