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Agriculture @ Penn Vet

As Pennsylvania’s only veterinary school, Penn Vet has a responsibility in ensuring the health, sustainability, and viability of the Commonwealth’s leading industry: agriculture.

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of animal, human, and environmental health, Penn Vet offers advanced diagnostic services, and distinct expertise, to address some of industry’s most pressing challenges:

  • Enhancing, and advancing, the quality of life for animals
  • Ensuring economic viability for farmers
  • Protecting a safe food supply

We support farmers, veterinarians, agricultural organizations, governmental agencies, and the broader health communities in order to safeguard against disease and optimize animal health.

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Experts in the Field, on the Farm, in the Clinic

With experts representing all species of livestock – bovine, swine, avian, and equine – our faculty work to develop practical solutions through integrated research, bringing these techniques and advancements directly to the farm through our on-farm outreach services.

Some specific areas of Penn Vet’s expertise include:

  • Animal production efficiency
  • On-farm economic viability and business sustainability
  • Animal welfare and behavior 
  • Environmental sustainability 
  • Disease management and mitigation
  • Reproductive efficiency

  • Clinical Care: Penn Vet also offers comprehensive and advanced clinical care – both in the hospital and on the farm – for all livestock species. 
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Ag@Penn Vet News

  • Using Geospatial Mapping to Track Livestock Diseases

    Successful FarmingMonday, Nov 4, 2019
    Dr Meghann Pierdon uses technology like geospatial information systems to protect PA’s pig farms from emerging diseases and ensure a secure pork supply for the state’s consumers.
  • Cows hold promise in future food systems

    FeedstuffsWednesday, Dec 18, 2019
    At the University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine, researchers harness the power of real-time geospatial information systems (GIS) to safeguard Pennsylvania's farms and food supply.
  • What China's pork apocalypse means for America

    The HillWednesday, Nov 6, 2019
    Perhaps more than any other commodity, pork shows that the costs of the US-China trade war are as much political and environmental as they are economic.