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Meet the Lichter Dogs

Thanks to a generous gift from Richard Lichter, member of Penn Vet's Board of Overseers, shelter dogs who need emergency care can receive it immediately at Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital... without financial burden.

Amazonia, Lichter dog, Penn VetAmazonia

Meet Amazonia, a 9-month old “pocket pittie" comes to Penn Vet from ACCT. She was not using her left leg, exceept for extra balance. X-rays revealed that Amazonia had multiple fractures there and her joint and patella were also affected. Amazonia received surgery with great results. 

Polo, Lichter dog, Penn VetPolo

Polo, a 3-year-old Shihtzu, came to us from ACCT. Polo was hit by a car and suffered fractures, contusions, and a rectal prolapse. He received care for his injuries and pain, and was transferred to Orthopedic surgery for evaluation, further diagnostics and surgery. He has since recovered well.

Star, Lichter Dog at Penn VetStar

Star, a four-month-old puppy, arrived at ACCT with vomiting and lethargy. She tested positive for parvovirus, is a lethal viral infection that without the care provided by Penn Vet would likely be fatal. She arrived to the Lichter ER and was transferred to Internal Medicine where she was successfully treated.

Bailey, Bridget, Brittany, Lichter dogs, Penn VetBaily, Bridget & Brittany

Bailey, Bridget and Brittany are 8 week-old mixed-breed puppies who came to us from Providence Animal Center and were diagnosed with Parvovirus. They had no appetite, were vomiting, and had diarrhea. All three puppies survived and were placed into foster homes.

Hunny, Lichter dog, Penn VetHunny

Hunny, a one-year-old mixed-breed dog, was brought to ACCT as a stray with a taut, distended abdomen. Penn Vet ruled out an obstruction or pyometra, but with an ultrasound our Internal Medicine team diagnosed acute gastroenteritis and a distended stomach. She was successfully treated.

Castle, Lichter Dog, Penn VetCastle

Castle, a 4-month-old hound mix, arrived at Penn Vet from ACCT. Castle had soft swelling around his skull and fluid under his skin, down to his neck, as well as bite wounds on his back. The wounds on his head were likely bite wounds and caused swelling around the head and sinus. He has recovered well.

Pedro, Lichter dog at Penn VetPedro

tA 1-year-old Labrador mix, Pedro who came to us from Providence Animal Center, tested positive for Parvovirus. At first, he was dull didn't eat for us, and had diarrhea. Pedro, who recovered well, is a super sweet boy and friendly.

Paco, Lichter dog, Penn VetPaco & Leo

Paco and Leo, two-month-old chihuahua puppies, were brought to ACCT with the presenting complaint of vomiting and diarrhea. At Penn Vet, they were diagnosed with parvovirus and treated until healthy.

Merrily, Lichter dog, Penn VetMerrily

Merrily, a 4-month-old stray, was found by ACCT. Merrily had deep lacerations on her flank (both sides). Her paws were warped and she has sores on her legs. Her injuries required specialty treatment and surgery. Merrily has now healed really well and is off to her forever home.

Piper, Lichter-dog at Penn VetPiper

Piper is a one-year-old shepherd mix and came to us from Providence Animal Center. She had an old fracture in her right hind leg, near the stifle (knee). Penn Vet evaluated this old injury, developed a treatment plan and helped Piper to feel better.


Angel was surrendered with her two tiny puppies when they exhibited signs of parvovirus. She came to Penn Vet to heal and was adopted into her forever home.


Meet Atlas, a two-year-old female Pit Bull. Atlas came to Penn because of a buphthalmic eye with a posterior lens luxation.