Bird Mortality Reporting Form

A morbidity/mortality event has been occurring in nestling and fledgling songbirds in the mid-Atlantic and extending into the Southeast and eastern upper Midwest. Since mid-May, numerous young birds – mainly blue jays, starlings, and common grackles, but also robins and cardinals – have been found with ocular and neurologic issues, and in some cases these birds have been found dead in large numbers. 

If you think you may have witnessed an event of this type, please use this form to report the incident to us. 

If you have encountered any non-songbird species that may be impacted by this event you may also use this form to report that information. When asked “What kind of bird did you find?”, please mark “Other Species”, then complete the information (species or description) in the next question.

If you encountered a sick or injured (i.e., still alive) raptor, please do not attempt to capture or otherwise handle the bird. Contact your Pennsylvania Game Commission region office and request assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure to wash your hands carefully and avoid all contact with dead or sick animals.

Example: 610-555-1221
Please use MM/DD/YYYY as a format.
If you can provide a location of where you found the bird(s). Phone apps such as 'Coordinates' can locate your phone.
Please let us know which state in which you found the bird(s). For example, PA or MD.
Type of Report

Age of birds you found:

Eye problems? (crusting, swelling, discharge)

Neurological problems? (head tilt, rapid eye movements, uncoordinated)

What kind of bird did you find?

Example: Carolina chickadee, House finch, or describe the Size (beak to tail length), and Color (color of bird's back, head, chest, legs, and beak)
What happened to the bird(s) you found?

May we contact you to learn more?