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University of Pennsylvania English Springer Spaniel PRA Genetics Study

This online form is for English Springer Spaniel owners and breeders:

  • To update vision and eye exam statuses of dogs whose DNA is already collected by the University of Pennsylvania PRA research group or banked at the University of Missouri.
  • To add any new dogs to participate in the survey.

Please submit one form per dog. We encourage you to submit all genetically “affected” dogs you have had over the years including the dogs that have already passed.

This study is being conducted by the Miyadera Lab at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Owner Information

Dog Information



PRA (cord1) DNA test status

This dog is:

Vision & Eye Exams

1. Please mark your impression of this dog's vision •  at present (if alive) • at the end of life (if deceased)

• OFA Normal Feb 2017, May 2018, Aug 2019
• CERF Generalized retinal atrophy, Sept 2009
• Diagnosed as PRA based on ERG, normal vision, July 2014

Known Relatives Afflicted with PRA

Additional Questions About Your Dog

Please type in institution/company name that performed the test, or "by parentage" if applicable.


I understand that my dogs' DNA may be used for research efforts aiming at improving the health of English Springer Spaniels and other breeds. I hereby authorize the use of the samples in compliance with the agreement upon Sample submission to the University of Missouri DNA Bank.
I authorize access to CERF/OFA data associated with my dogs for research purposes. I understand that the confidentiality will be strictly protected and that the data will only be used by the investigators for research purposes.