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Synovetin OA in Dogs with Hip Dysplasia

Dec 23, 2021

Synovetin OA is an IA (intra-articular) treatment that uses unique radiotherapy to eliminate inflammation within arthritic joints for up to one full year. This novel therapeutic agent is for dogs with bilateral hip osteoarthritis non-responsive to medical management. It is currently approved for use in elbows by the FDA. 

Dogs will participate in this clinical trial for 1 year if eligible. All dogs will receive an injection of Synovetin OA into each hip and then will be monitored over the course of the year for effectiveness. Eight visits are required over the year long trial, and dogs will wear an activity tracking collar at home. All study related procedures are fully funded. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Dogs > 18kg (39.6 lbs) 

  • Dogs 1 year of age or older

  • Presence of bilateral hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis on x-ray 

  • Presence of clinical signs for > 3 months

  • Dog is not responsive to medical management 

  • Pain must be localized to the hips on physical examination

  • Dogs cannot have already had corrective surgery for hip dysplasia

  • Dogs must be otherwise healthy

Please see the study sponsor's website for informational materials regarding Synovetin OA by clicking the link below:

For more information, please contact the Veterinary Clinical Investigation Center at or by calling 215-573-0302