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Meet Shiloh, Cancer Survivor

When Paul Farber first saw Shiloh, a stray German Shepard mix, she was running down the road in his hometown, Ashland, PA. Since she looked just like his brother's dog, Paul pulled over to the side and called to her.

Shiloh made her move.

She jumped up into his truck as if it were the most normal thing to do, and something she did every day of the week.

Shiloh, enrolled in Penn Vet trial

When Paul got home, he called his brother to let him know he had his dog. His brother said, "That's not my dog. She's sitting right here next to me."

Shiloh moved in with Paul that day and has been with him ever since.

But Shiloh's troubles were not over. Not long after, what initially looked like an attack of Lyme disease turned out to be osteosarcoma. Paul had recently lost another dog to cancer, and he knew where to look for help. He found Penn Vet's Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center, and Shiloh qualified for one of the VCIC's cancer clinical trials.

Today, even though Shiloh has lost her right foreleg to osteosarcoma, she is responding well to her treatment.

"She runs around just like she did before she lost her leg," Paul says. "She doesn't seem to know anything's wrong.

Learn more about this trial, and find out what Penn Vet is doing about cancer, and how our breakthroughs can help you and your pet.

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