The medicine service at MJR-VHUP is recruiting dogs who have been diagnosed with Lyme nephritis or protein-losing enteropathy to participate in a study aimed at creating a standard for characterizing renal disease in dogs using similar modalities as those used in human medicine.

Participation involves a diagnostic work up to rule out other causes for your dog’s renal disease such as cancer, tick-borne diseases, lupus, etc. by blood and urine tests; blood pressure measurement; imaging (chest radiographs and abdominal ultrasound); and ultrasound-guided renal biopsy. This work-up is standard of care and the owner is responsible for a majority of the costs.

The study will cover up to $500 for the renal biopsy and a portion of the other diagnostic tests.  Treatment recommendations depend on the renal biopsy findings and would be paid for by the owner.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Meryl Littman VMD, DACVIM
Associate Professor of Medicine
phone: 215-898-9288
fax: 215-573-6050