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Throughout the year, Penn Vet hosts seminars, conferences, symposiums, and speaker series, which serve as forums for academics to share the latest research approaches breakthroughs in a wide array of subjects.

Penn Vet Seminar Programs
The Mari Lowe Center for Comparative Onocology Seminar Series
Parasitology Seminar Series
Pathobiology Department Seminar Series

Latest Research News

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Status of Penn Vet Events

In accordance with the University's new mitigation practices in response to the Coronavirus disease, we ask that you please double-check whether or not an event is still being held or has been cancelled or rescheduled. Thank you.

Penn Vet Research in the News

Research Events

Karine Le Roch, PhD, UC-Riverside, Parasitology Seminar Series

Parasitology Seminar Series - Karine Le Roch, PhD

  • 12:00 PM –1:00 PM

Robin Stephens, PhD, Parasitology Seminar Series

Parasitology Seminar Series - Robin Stephens, PhD

  • 12:00 PM –1:00 PM