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Global Parasitology Seminars

Dr. Keith Matthews, Parasitology Seminar Series

Global Parasitology Seminars - Keith Matthews, PhD


Global Parasitology Seminars

Title: “Quorum sensing and competition in African trypanosomes”

Speaker: Keith Matthews, PhD
Professor of Parasite Biology and Dean, Bioscience Partnerships
School of Biological Sciences
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Research: African trypanosomes are parasites that have immense economic impact in sub Saharan Africa. They infect game and domestic animals (in which they cause the disease nagana) as well as humans (where they cause sleeping sickness). The parasites are transmitted by tsetse flies. Our lab focuses on the changes that take place in the parasite as it prepares for, and adapts to, life in the tsetse fly. In the bloodstream, the parasites communicate with one another via a quorum sensing-like process to optimise transmission. In the tsetse fly, differentiation involves integrated changes in parasite metabolism, morphology, surface antigen expression and cell cycle progression. Using research approaches that integrate molecular cell biology, targeted reverse genetic approaches, global RNA and protein analysis, genome-wide RNAi screens and basic parasite biology we are dissecting in detail the biology of trypanosome transmission and its effects on trypanosome virulence and disease spread.

Date: Monday, February 22, 2021
Time: 12-1 pm

  Location: Zoom

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