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Research Events & Calendar

Institute for Immunology Symposium

  • 8:00 AM –6:30 PM

Register today for the Institute for Immunology Symposium.

Parasitology Seminar Series - Rick L. Tarleton, PhD

  • 12:00 PM –1:00 PM

"Chagas Disease: How parasite biology impacts immune control and treatment outcomes"

Symposium – Intestinal Infection & Immunity

  • 8:00 AM –1:30 PM

Register today for this joint symposium.

2018 CUGH Conference - One Health Session

  • 8:00 AM –12:00 PM

Register today for the One Health Session at CUGH 2018

Phi Zeta Vet Student Research Day

  • 11:30 AM –6:00 PM

Phi Zeta Student Research Day showcases the work of student researchers at Penn Vet.

Parasitology Seminar Series - Geoffrey McFadden, PhD

  • 12:00 PM –1:00 PM

"Can we build a genetic trap for drug resistant malaria parasites?"

2018 Penn Vet Working Dog Conference

  • 4:00 PM –1:00 PM

Register today to attend the 2018 Working Dog Conference.

Parasitology Seminar Series - Björn F. C. Kafsack, PhD

  • 12:00 PM –1:00 PM

"One is the loneliest number: Single cell exploration of sexual commitment in malaria parasites"