Reference Andrology Laboratory

Impact of COVID-19 on Our Operations

As of Friday, March 13, 2020, Penn Vet New Bolton Center’s Reference Andrology Laboratory (RAL) remains open and fully operational for normal business hours and services.

 We will continue to provide our regular services in response to client needs. Please contact us at 610-925-6562 for any questions.

The Reference Andrology Laboratory provides complete testing of neat, cooled and frozen-thawed semen from mammalian and avian species. The primary purpose of these services is to aid practitioners in their differential diagnosis of individual/herd/flock reproductive problems.

These services are also frequently used by practitioners and studs as a third-party quality control component in an ongoing stud auditing process.

The laboratory strives to perform objective, validated techniques for assessing samples for the basic spermiogram parameters of sample volume, motility, morphology, and concentration. With advanced notification, we will also try to accommodate requests for supplemental assessment techniques on sperm subcellular structures. We also offer semen extender analysis and microbiological testing of the extended semen product and purified water used in extenders. 

Contact Information

Lab Hours:

Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 3:30 pm


Reference Andrology Lab
New Bolton Center
382 West Street Road
Kennett Square, PA 19348-1692

Phone: 610-925-6562

Routine Semen Analyses:

  • Acrosome morphology
  • Sample osmolarity
  • Sample conductivity, pH
  • Sample Volume
  • Sperm motility
  • Sperm viability
  • Sperm morphology
  • Sperm Concentration
  • Total sperm number/dose
  • Various flow cytometry parameters


Routine Microbiology Evaluation*, including:

  • Direct, aerobic culture / Isolation
  • Enrichment techniques, if needed
  • Genus species identification of isolates
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing  (per organism)

Other Services:

  •  On-site auditing of stud processes and techniques
  • Semen extender analyses
  • Spermicidal assessment of materials and isolates
  • Water analysis


QC Analysis Graphs


  – 2019 –


19Q4 Conc

19Q4 Morph

19Q4 Mot

19Q4 Flow


19Q3 Conc

19Q3 Morph

19Q3 Mot

19Q3 Flow


19Q2 Conc

19Q2 Morph

19Q2 Mot-2 

19Q2 Flow



19Q1 Conc

19Q1 Morph

19Q1 Mot

19Q1 Flow

  – 2018 –


18Q4 Conc

18Q4 Morph


18Q4 Mot

18Q4 Via














18Q1 Conc

18Q1 Morph

18Q1 Mot

18Q1 Via


  – 2017 –


17Q4 Conc

17Q4 Morph

17Q4 Mot

17Q4 Via


17Q3 Conc

17Q3 Morph

17Q3 Mot

17Q3 Via


17Q2 Conc

17Q2 Morph

17Q2 Mot

17Q2 Via


17Q1 Conc

17Q1 Morph

17Q1 Mot

17Q1 Via

  – 2016 –


16Q4 Conc

16Q4 Morph

16Q4 Mot

16Q4 Viab


16Q3 Conc

16Q3 Morph

16Q3 Mot

16Q3 Viab


16Q2 Conc

16Q2 Morph

16Q2 Mot

Quarter 1





   – 2015 –

Quarter 4

15Q4 Conc

15Q4 Morph 

15Q4 Mot

Quarter 3

15Q3 Conc

15Q3 Morph

15Q3 Mot

Quarter 2

15Q2 Conc

15Q2 Morph 

 15Q2 Mot


Quarter 1

15Q1 Conc

15Q1 Morph

15Q1 Mot



– 2014 –

Quarter 4

 14Q4 Conc

14Q4 Morph

14Q4 Mot


Quarter 3

 14Q3 Conc

 14Q3 Morph 


Quarter 214Q3 Mot

 14Q2 Conc

14Q2 Morph  

14Q2 Mot



Quarter 1

14Q1 Conc

14Q1 Morph 

14Q1 Mot 


– 2013 –

Quarter 4

Quarter 3

Quarter 2


Quarter 1



 – 2012 –

 Quarter 4

Quarter 3




Quarter 2


Quarter 1


  – 2011 –

Quarter 4

Quarter 3

Quarter 2

Quarter 1


--earlier QC graphs available upon request--



GC Althouse, DVM, MS, PhD
Diplomate, American College of Theriogenologists
Member, American Association of Swine Veterinarians
Member, American Society of Andrology
Member, American Veterinary Medical Association
Member, Society for Theriogenology

Renata L Linardi, DVM, MS, PhD, Research Specialist
Member,  American Society for Cell Biology
Member, Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society

Von Miller-Lux, BS, Lab Manager
Member, American Association of Bioanalysts

Betty Osborne, BS, MT (ASCP), Lab Technician
Member, American Society for Clinical Pathology

Cheryl O'Sullivan, BA, MA, Financial Admin. Coordinator, Reports, Website, Billing