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Healthy Mare Foaling Service

Checking a pregnant mare every hour, day and night, is an enormous challenge. New Bolton Center's new Healthy Mare Foaling Service provides a high level of care to mares around the clock at our hospital as they approach their due date.

  • What to Expect
    • Mares are stabled in an area of the hospital dedicated to foaling, with 24-hour monitoring.
    • They are turned out daily, weather permitting, in a dedicated field.
    • Our veterinarians observe and evaluate mares from admission up to, during, and following foaling.
    • In addition, veterinarian perform a health check on foals and closely monitor them in the critical hours after birth.
    • The Healthy Mare Foaling Package includes two weeks of board. If the mare has not foaled within that two-week period, additional board will be provided at a reduced rate.
  • What This Service Includes
    • Two weeks board
      • If your mare has not foaled within the two-week period, low-cost additional board will be provided.
    • On admission
      • Physical examination of the mare
      • Transrectal evaluation of the foal and placenta
      • Placement of a foalert birth-monitoring transmitter
      • Basic blood work, including packed cell volume and total solids
      • Caslick removal, if and when appropriate
    • Daily turn-out in dedicated fields
    • Monitoring
      • Mammary secretion testing
      • 24-hour monitoring for signs of foaling (live camera for remote and in-person monitoring)
    • Foaling
      • Attended by board-certified veterinarians in Reproduction and Internal Medicine
      • Fetal membrane evaluation
      • Colostrum-quality evaluations
      • Foal Care
      • Physical examination after birth, including limb conformation assessment
      • Routine enema
      • Quantitative IgG 12 hours after birth
    • Post-foaling management
      • Dedicated turn-out paddocks for mare and foal
      • Evaluation of foal limb conformation
      • Post-foaling reproductive examination of the mare, prior to discharge
      • Digital photographs of the foal emailed to clients upon request
  • Mares That Would Benefit
    • Mares pregnant for the first time with a normal pregnancy
    • Mares that have foaled previously with a normal foaling history
    • Mares that have previously displayed delayed maternal bonding
    • Mares that require reproductive assessment post-foaling
    • Mares with a history of foals with angular limb deformities
    • Mares at risk for having foals with neonatal isoerythrolysis, a potentially life-threatening condition in which the mare’s antibodies, delivered in colostrum, attack and destroy her foal’s red blood cells. Additional costs associated with management of these mares and foals, and administration of donor colostrum, will be discussed in detail.
  • Discharge
    • Mares and foals will be discharged 48-72 hours post-foaling under the standard option.
    • Other discharge options include:
      • The owner requests additional board beyond that period.
      • The owner requests that the mare and foal be transferred to New Bolton Center’s Hofmann Center for reproduction for additional post-foaling and re-breeding care. There is no cost for transportation to the Hofmann Center.
      • Clinicians on the case identify patient conditions that require additional veterinary care, and discuss treatment options with the owner.