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For Our Foal Sitting Volunteers

Upcoming Orientation

Redecchi foal, day oneThanks for your patience!! The Foal Sitter Orientation has been rescheduled"

  • Date:  Wednesday, February 21, 2018
  • Time: 6 pm
  • Location: Woerner Amphitheater, New Bolton Center

All foal sitters for whom we have contact information have been sent an email with the details of this event. If you are interested in coming and did not receive the email, please contact Emily Daignault-Salvaggio at

Many thanks for your patience and spirit of volunteerism. We hope to see you then!  --  Emily, Jamie & Dr. Linton

For 30 years, New Bolton Center has invited volunteers to assist clinicians and staff in caring for mares and foals during the busy foaling season. These “foal sitters” are vital to the functioning of the NICU, making it possible to provide the highest quality of care to patients by ensuring there is enough help to deliver the labor-intensive treatment around the clock.

New Bolton Center currently enlists 100 “foal sitters", about half of them returning volunteers.

Thinking of signing up?

Read our fact sheets, which you can download:

Want to be a Foal Sitter?

For more information about the program, send an email to

New Bolton Center Foal Sitter Sign-up Form

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Example: 2016
If you live in an apartment, please make sure to include your apartment number.
Are you able to attend orientation on February 21, 2018?

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Foal Sitter Forms 

If you are approved as a New Bolton Center foal sitter, you will need to fill out and return some forms: