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Jump Start Foal Package

The “Jump Start” package is for foals that are seriously but not critically ill that will benefit from hospitalization and care from our specialists, but does not require intensive care.

The package is designed so owners know the total cost for this level of care before sending their foal to the hospital. If the foal becomes critically ill or if additional treatments might significantly benefit the foal, extra costs will be discussed with the owner before implementation.

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Dr. M. Abraham 

  • What This Package Includes
    • Up to five days of hospitalization
    • Emergency admission and full examination
    • Blood work
    • IV catheter
    • Antibiotics (IV followed by oral)
    • One liter plasma transfusion, if needed
    • IV fluids for up to two days, if needed
    • Around-the-clock nursing, including assistance to rise and tube-feeding
  • What Cases Qualify?
    • Foals that may need help rising, but are able to stand and walk unsupported
    • Foals that may not be able to nurse effectively, but can digest milk
    • Foals with mild neonatal encephalopathy (neonatal maladjustment syndrome) that cannot nurse, but are ambulatory (able to walk around)
    • Foals that are septic (infected), but still ambulatory
  • What Cases Do Not Qualify?
    • Foals with severe neonatal encephalopathy (neonatal maladjustment syndrome)
    • Foals in shock or septic shock
    • Foals that require intensive care