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New Bolton Center Reproduction and Behavior Team

Meet the Hoffman Reproduction Team

The Center is staffed by four board certified reproduction specialists and a board certified behaviorist.  Together our reproduction team can manage all of your reproduction and behavioral needs, both male and female.

Residency: Theriogenology

If you hold a VMD, DVM, or equivalent degree, you can apply for a two-year residency in large animal theriogenology.

Download instructions on how to apply (PDF)...


Phone: 610-925-6364

Hofmann Center for Animal Reproduction
443 Bartram Road
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Dr. Tamara Dobbie
  • Director, Hofmann Center
  • Associate Professor of Clinical Reproduction 
  • Board Certification: Theriogenology
Dr. Katrin Hinrichs, Penn Vet New Bolton Center
  • Katrin Hinrichs, DVM, PhD, DACT
  • Professor of Reproduction and Harry Werner Endowed Professor of Equine Medicine
  • Chair, Department of Clinical Studies-New Bolton Center
Sue McDonnell, Penn Vet, behavior
  • Adjunct Professor of Reproduction Behavior
  • Clinical Associate, Equine Behavior
Patricia Sertich
  • Associate Professor of Reproduction
  • Board Certification: Theriogenology
Regina Turner
  • Professor, Reproduction
  • Chief, Reproduction & Behavior
  • Board Certification: Theriogenology
Dr. Caroline Roxon, Penn Vet
  • Caroline Roxon, DVM

  • Resident, Large Animal Theriogenology

  • Olivia Stonehouse, DVM
  • Resident, Large Animal Theriogenology
No photo
  • Ashlee Spewak
  • Reproduction Technician
Ben Guessford, New Bolton Center
  • Ben Guessford
  • Stallion Handler
Rick Ladow, New Bolton Center
  • Rick Ladow
  • Stallion Handler
No photo
  •  Brooks Adams
  • Stallion Handler