Sports Medicine Clinical Team

New Bolton Center's Sports Medicine clinical team is a multidisciplinary group consisting of board-certified internists, surgeons, and sports medicine and rehabilitation specialists who, in partnership with an internationally renowned farrier and specialized sports medicine and imaging technicians, evaluate the equine athlete.

  Name Title Phone Number Email Address
Dr. Elizabeth Davidson, NBC Sports Medicine  Elizabeth J. Davidson, DVM, DACVS
  • Associate Professor in Sports Medicine
610-925-6190 ejdavid@vet.upenn.edu
Virginia Reef, Penn Vet, sports medicine  Virginia Reef, DVM, DACVIM
  • American College of Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
    Large Animal Associate Member European College of Veterinary Medicine
    Section Chief, Sports Medicine & Imaging
610-925-6190 vreef@vet.upenn.edu
Michael Ross, Penn Vet, nuclear medicine  Michael W. Ross, DVM, DACVS
  • Professor of Surgery
    Director of Nuclear Medicine
610-925-6116 miross@vet.upenn.edu
 Dr. Joanne Slack, Sports Medicine, NBC JoAnn Slack, DVM, MS, DACVIM
  • Assistant Professor of Ultrasonography and Cardiology
610-925-6190 slackj@vet.upenn.edu
 Jessica Morgan Jessica Morgan, DVM
  •  Resident
 Gloria Ballinger, LVT, Sports Medicine, New Bolton Center Gloria Ballinger, LVT
  • Sports Medicine Technician
 Carole Johnson, Sports Medicine, New Bolton Center Carole Johnson, RTR
  •  Supervisor, Sports Medicine and Imaging
 610-925-6198 sportmed@vet.upenn.edu
 Katie Minacci, Sports Medicine, New Bolton Center Kathryn Minacci
  •  Sports Medicine Technician
610- 925-6490 sportmed@vet.upenn.edu
 Jan Ramberger, Sports Medicine, New Bolton Center Jan Ramberger, BS, RTR
  •  Radiology and MRI
 610-925-6198 sportmed@vet.upenn.edu
 Vivian Stacy, Sports Medicine, New Bolton Center Vivian Stacy, CNMT
  •  Sports Medicine Technician
 610-925-6174 sportmed@vet.upenn.edu
 Jane Tyrie, Sports Medicine, New Bolton Center Jane Tyrie
  •  Sports Medicine Technician
 610-925-6174 sportmed@vet.upenn.edu
  Name Title Phone Number Email Address
Pat Reilly, Penn Vet, farrier  Pat Reilly
  • Chief of Farrier Services
  • Director, Applied Polymer Research Laboratory 
610-925-6368 reillypa@vet.upenn.edu