Meet Our Nursing Staff

New Bolton Center surgical nursingThe nurses at New Bolton Center are all credentialed veterinary technicians that have graduated from an AVMA accredited program and have passed the veterinary technician national exam (VTNE). The barn nursing group rotates between all areas of the hospital to keep their skills fresh. Areas of rotation include; the main clinic barns, the ICU and NICU, and the Moran GI Critical Care facility. Nurses work around the clock monitoring patients, including overnights, weekends, and holidays.

Since the nurses rotate in all areas of the clinic, they are experts in caring for patients with a wide variety of conditions. The nurses monitor and treat patients that have had surgery, as well as the patients being treated medically. The nurses place IV catheters, administer IV fluids, pass nasogastric tubes, deliver oxygen therapy, administer medications, as well as other duties prescribed by the staff veterinarians.

The nursing staff is also vital in teaching the students that are on campus. New Bolton not only hosts forth year veterinary students on rotations throughout the year, but they also have senior veterinary technician students from Harcum College. Teaching is just yet another rewarding part of the job for the NBC nurses.

Continuing education is also continuous within the nursing department, as the nurses are required to obtain at least 16 hours of approved veterinary continuing education every 2 years. Nurses pursue continuing education both at New Bolton and at other conferences across the country.

New Bolton Center nursing

What's a CVT?

A Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT):

  • Has graduated from an AVMA-accredited veterinary technology program
  • Passed the veterinary technician national examination
  • Maintains certification by completing continuing education as determined by the state Board of Veterinary Medicine

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New Bolton Center Nurses
Christine Baughman, CVT Christine is a pat-time veterinary technician with over 8 years of experience at New Bolton. Christine owns a small farm in New Jersey where she lives with her family. Christine is in the final stages of obtaining her human RN degree.
Ellen Corbett, CVT Ellen has over five years of experience at New Bolton. Ellen is a native of Long Island, NY, where she had worked with veterinarians at Belmont Park. In her free time, Ellen enjoys spending time at her Lancaster County farmette with her three horses.
Jamie DeFazio, CVT, VTS-EVN Jamie is the shift supervisor for the evening and midnight nursing staff, but works daytime hours managing other aspects of the nursing department. Jaime is active with both the PVTA and AAEVT, and obtained her veterinary technician specialty in equine veterinary nursing in 2011. Jamie has been published in many works, lectures all over the country in veterinary technology, and presents lectures at Harcum College. Jamie has over 10 years of experience at New Bolton. Jamie has experience working with dairy calves as a teen, and enjoys trail riding her Paint.
Christina Dierkes, CVTChristina is the newest member of the nursing department, starting after practicum in the Spring of 2014. Christina has her BS in equine science and management from Delaware Valley College, and her AS in veterinary nursing from Harcum College. While at Del Val, she was a competing member of the equestrian hunt seat team. Christina enjoys spending time outside hiking with her adopted dog Rae, snowboarding, golfing, and horseback riding.
Barbara Dugan, CVT Barb has over 10 years of experience at New Bolton Center. She is an excellent teacher, and is an adjunct member of the Manor College veterinary technician program. Barb has been published in the Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians, as well as the Technician’s Daily Reference for Veterinary Technicians – large animal edition that is scheduled for release in 2013.
Kriste Halscheid, CVT Kriste has over 10 years of experience at New Bolton Center, and was the 2013 winner of the Gretchen Wolf Schwartz Award for Outstanding Nursing presented by the New Bolton Clinicians. Kriste has a unique background of in art, and used to photograph horse shows professionally.
Jennifer Hayden, CVT Jenn is the newest member of our nursing team, joining us full time early in 2013. Jenn earned her Bachelor of Animal Science in equine science and management from Delaware Valley College before returning to school for veterinary technology.
Jennifer Horner, CVT  Jen has over five years of experience as an overnight nurse.
Jen has lectured for the PA Vet Tech Association on topics of neonatal nursing and dystocia.
She enjoys spending time at her barn with her Quarter Horse mares and her pony, whom she has just begun driving.
Teresa Lewis, CVTTeresa has over 20 years of experience at New Bolton Center. Teresa has worked most of those 20 years overnight, where she uses her experience as a senior nurse to help train new overnight nurses. Teresa has experience with miniature horses, and enjoys pleasure driving her mini mare. Teresa also has experience with showing her Cocker Spaniel.
Jennifer Macomber, CVT
Jen has over 15 years of experience at New Bolton Center. She has an extensive background raising Angus beef cattle, and showing through 4-H. Jen’s daughter is currently showing Angus with 4-H. Jen is also the practicum director for the Harcum College veterinary technician program at New Bolton Center.
Jaime Miller, CVTJaime is the Supervisor of Patient Facilities, and also supervises the day shift nursing staff. She has over 15 years of experience at New Bolton Center, and has an interest in equine behavior. Jaime assists with the semi-feral teaching herd along with Dr. Sue McDonnell. Jaime helps with student labs, including the third-year large animal surgery course. Jaime is published in Robinson’s text on Current Therapy in Equine Medicine, where she wrote a chapter on nursing care of the recumbent horse. In Jaime’s spare time she spends time with her two thoroughbreds and her two ponies. Jaime has broken the ponies to drive.
Ashley Reimel, CVTAshley has been with New Bolton Center for nearly two years, and is energetic about learning as much as she can. Ashley is very interested in continuing education, and tries to attend any conference she can to advance in her education. In Ashley’s spare time she enjoys hacks on her off-the-track thoroughbred.
Christopher Rizzo, LVT, VTS-EVN
Chris has nearly eight years of experience at New Bolton Center, and earned a Veterinary Technician Specialty in Equine Veterinary Nursing in December of 2013.  He used to show on the Palomino Quarter Horse circuit before moving to PA from New York.  Chris, who likes a busy life, enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and three children who were all born within a span of three and a half years. He breeds and shows his Jack Russell Terriers up and down the East coast, and has several National Champions.
Eileen Rule, CVT Eileen has over 28 years of experience at New Bolton Center in large animal nursing, and is the senior nurse of the department. Eileen helps with veterinary student orientation and labs, and is frequently acknowledged for her patience while teaching. Eileen and her husband John will soon be an empty-nesters since her daughter will be starting college in the fall.
Emily Zug, CVTEmily has over 15 years of experience at New Bolton Center and is a favorite among the students. Emily has as extensive background with dairy farming, and helps at her family’s farm of Jerseys and Holsteins. Emily also has a small herd of pet sheep, and a rambunctious black lab.


Operating Room Nursing Staff

The Operating Room Nurses provide skilled assistance to our surgeons and are valuable members of the surgical team.  They are trained to contribute to every type of surgery including laparoscopy, ophthalmology, orthopedics and soft tissue. The nurses also play a key role in the Pool Recovery System.

New Bolton Center Operating Room Nurses
Kate Reburn, CVT Kate started her career as a Veterinary Technician at New Bolton Center in 2002 after graduating from Harcum College. She was promoted to Operating Room Nursing Supervisor in 2009.
Lynn Hunter, CVT Lynn has over 24 years of experience in veterinary medicine. Her diverse nursing skills include oncology, epidemiology, anesthesia and providing care for neonates and critical care patients. She joined the Operating Room team in 2009.
Megan Anderson, CVT Megan graduated from Harcum College in 2010. After completing her small and large animal internships at the University of Pennsylvania she began working as an Operating Room nurse.
Ashley Hackett Ashley graduated from Harcum College in 2012 and began working as an Operating Room Nurse after completing her small and large animal internships at the University of Pennsylvania.