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Penn Vet Experts to Discuss Treatments for Cats and Dogs with Kidney Disease During Free Animal Lovers Lecture

By John Donges Published: Dec 13, 2013

[December 13, 2013; Philadelphia, PA] – On Saturday, January 4 at 10:00 a.m., Dr. Lillian Aronson, professor and service head of surgery, and Dr. JD Foster, lecturer and director of hemodialysis, will present a special lecture, Nephrology: Advances in Treatments for Cats and Dogs with Kidney Disease, as part of Penn Vet’s Animal Lovers Lecture Series.

The free event will take place at the Hill Pavilion located at 380 S. University Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104. Reservations are recommended and can be made by contacting John Campbell at (215) 746-7460 or

Penn Vet, Ryan Hospital, hemodialysisPenn Vet’s Ryan Hospital is the only veterinary hospital in the Philadelphia area offering hemodialysis, and one of only five established hemodialysis centers along the East Coast. In addition, Ryan Hospital is the nation’s only veterinary hospital offering an integrated hemodialysis and kidney transplant program.

Dr. Aronson will discuss Ryan Hospital’s renowned kidney transplant program. She will explain recipient selection, pre-operative care, surgery, post-operative care, follow-up care, and long-term management. In addition, Dr. Aronson will discuss complications that can occur when patients are placed on lifelong immunosuppression. Read about Elvis, a cat whose life was saved by the Penn Vet Feline Renal Transplant Program. 

Dr. Foster will review the diagnostic tests that should be performed for patients with kidney disease and what to do about abnormal results. He will also discuss newer medical therapies such as dialysis. Pet owners will leave with an understanding of why certain tests are performed, and how their pet should be evaluated so that the best level of care can be provided. Read about Holden, a dog whose life was saved by hemoperfusion. 

During the Animal Lovers Lecture Series, faculty and clinicians at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital share current information on topics of interest and relevance to dog and cat owners throughout the region.

Penn Vet is a global leader in veterinary medicine education, research, and clinical care. Founded in 1884, Penn Vet is the only veterinary school developed in association with a medical school. The school is a proud member of the One Health Initiative, linking human, animal, and environmental health.

Penn Vet serves a diverse population of animals at its two campuses, which include extensive diagnostic and research laboratories. Ryan Hospital in Philadelphia provides care for dogs, cats, and other domestic/companion animals, seeing nearly 33,000 patients a year. New Bolton Center, Penn Vet’s large-animal hospital on nearly 700 acres in rural Kennett Square, PA, cares for horses and livestock/farm animals, treating 33,000 patients each year – 4,100 in the hospital and 29,000 at farms through the Field Service. In addition, New Bolton Center’s campus includes a swine center, working dairy, and poultry unit that provide valuable research for the agriculture industry.

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