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Another Chance - Brianna's Story

When Sally Steinmetz first brought her cat to Penn Vet, she thought nine-year-old Brianna was dying. Her rescued cat had two large masses, one in her cheek and one in her chest.

Brianna in ICU at Penn VetThe experts at Penn Vet’s Comprehensive Cancer Care service were able to diagnose and treat her rare cancer successfully, overcoming medical complications along the way. This is a story of the unconditional love and unparalleled expertise that Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital provides.

Brianna's case required the many services and talents of Penn Vet’s multi-faceted team of experts.

Brianna saw the dentistry team which determined she was suffering from a dental abscess, not cancer – and would simply require a tooth extraction. 

After the extraction, Brianna’s oncologists turned their attention to her chest mass.  Brianna had a thymoma, a large tumor that affects the thymus gland.  Extensive surgery was required during which Brianna’s entire sternum had to be opened to remove the mass from her chest.

The sternotomy site failed to heal properly so a second surgery was necessary.  Following this surgery, Brianna wore compression bandages to ensure her incision healed completely. Brianna recovers at Penn Vet

Brianna continues to visit Penn Vet for regular check-ups. She has healed well and is cancer free to this day.

“I have nothing but praise for the Comprehensive Cancer Care service,” says Sally.  “When you bring in a pet with cancer, you worry about so many different things. But everyone worked together efficiently as a unified team and came through for Brianna. She is a loving member of my family, and thanks to Penn Vet, she has been given another chance at life. It is truly a miracle and I am forever grateful.”

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