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Facts About Canine Mammary Tumors

Mammary tumor facts for owners

  • Mammary tumors are common in intact female dogs or dogs spayed later in life.
  • Spaying prior to the first heat cycle has strong preventative effect.
  • Mammary tumors typically affects middle aged to older dogs.
  • Mammary tumors can be easily detected by palpating the areas around the nipples. Dog have four or five pairs of mammary glands, and multiple tumors in different glands are common.  If you feel a lump in the areas around the nipple, please bring your dog to a veterinarian.
  • Mammary tumors can be benign or malignant; the only way to tell the difference is to perform a biopsy.
  • Early detection and treatment (surgical excision) is important for a good outcome. Do not wait and and see.
  • Many dogs have more than one tumor when they are diagnosed, dogs that have had mammary tumors earlier are at risk for developing new tumors later, therefore careful monitoring through regular exams is crucial.

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