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Feline Mammary Tumor Questionnaire

Study Background and Objectives:

Breast tumors in cats are all too common and are often biologically aggressive. In collaboration with Jeanette Cereske and the Sugar Rub Foundation, Penn Vet's Cancer Center is initiating a search for patient data on cats diagnosed with a mammary tumor that was treated with surgery for which follow up data are available.

Evaluation of these data will hopefully lead to the discovery of biomarkers that will aid in improving our understanding of this disease, our ability to give more accurate prognostic information, and help guide personalized treatment for cats.

Please participate to help in this effort by completing the questionnaire below.

If answers to specific questions are unknown, please leave those questions blank.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact the director of this study, Dr. Jim Perry, at

Contact Information

MM/DD/YYYY (Month, Day, Year): This can be approximate.
Area Code + Phone Number
Example: Dr. Jane Doe
Example: Anytown Veterinary Clinic
Area Code + Phone Number

Tumor Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcome

Example: Month, Day, Year (MM/DD/YYYY) Approximate answers are also acceptable.
Please indicate units of measure (centimeter=cm, inches=in).
12. Was the diagnosis of mammary carcinoma confirmed on fine needle aspiration cytology, surgical biopsy, or both?

13. Did you consult with a veterinary specialist?

Example: Dr. Jane Doe
14. Were x-rays or CT-scan of the chest performed prior to treatment?

15. Was an abdominal ultrasound performed prior to treatment?

16. Did your pet undergo surgery to remove the mammary tumor?

16a. If yes, what type of surgery?

17. Did your pet undergo chemotherapy for treatment of the mammary tumor either after surgery, before surgery, or in lieu of surgery?

18. Were any additional treatments performed?

19. Did your pet experience local tumor recurrence at the site of the original surgery?

MM/DD/YYYY (Month, Day, Year): This can be approximate.
20. Did your pet's tumor spread to the local lymph nodes?

MM/DD/YYYY (Month, Day, Year): This can be approximate.
21. Did your pet's tumor spread to the lungs?

MM/DD/YYYY (Month, Day, Year): This can be approximate.
22. Did your pet die or was euthanized as a result of mammary carcinoma?

MM/DD/YYYY (Month, Day, Year): This can be approximate.
23. Would you be willing to accept an email or phone call from us to discuss your cat’s history of battling mammary carcinoma?

24. Would you be willing to allow us to contact your veterinarian for more information regarding treatments performed, diagnostic findings, and other specific medical history items?

25. Would you consent to our review and additional evaluation of your pet’s biopsy tissue (if available from your veterinarian’s pathology lab)?