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Advanced Kidney & Urology Care

Comprehensive Kidney & Urinary Care

Tailored specifically for patients with both upper and lower urinary tract disease, Comprehensive Kidney & Urinary Care at Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital provides our clients and their animals an integrated experience for patients that suffer from conditions related to kidneys, the bladder, and related organ and circulatory systems.

Our team of internists, surgeons, and criticalists specializes in the management of acute and chronic kidney disease, surgery of the upper and lower urinary tract, kidney transplant, extracoporeal therapies, and minimally invasive endourological procedures.  

Please take a moment to visit our website and learn more about our services. Meet our team. Understand how we work within a specialty academic veterinary hospital that provides a unique supportive environment for 24/7 compassionate treatment, 365 days a year. If your animal has an issue, we are here for you, waiting to provide the best service and care.

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Urological Ailments

There are many problems that can affect an animal's urinary system such as urinary tract infections, stones and crystals, incontinence, kidney disease, and cancer. Learn about common kidney ailments of cats, dogs, and other companion animals as well as how our team of experts can help.

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Diagnosis & Treatment

List Item Getting the right diagnosis leads to the most successful treatment for your companion animal. At Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital, we offer a collaborative team approach to all of our patients, combining the latest diagnostic tools and resources with the expertise of highly skilled clinicians across many disciplines.

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Treatment Options

When your companion animal is diagnosed with a urological or kidney problem, you need to consider all of your treatment options, whether those include  nutritional changes, medical therapy, surgery, dialysis, and more. Here's where you can learn more about how our team-based clinical approach can help you and your animal.  When it's time, we can help you understand next steps so you can choose wisely.

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Clinical Team

At Penn Vet, we have a clinical team of veterinary specialists to take care of all urologic and kidney-related (nephrologic) diseases and disorders. We offer a team-based approach, comprising board-certified specialists, residents, and certified veterinary technicians.

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News, Events, and Stories 

News, Events & Stories

Because Penn Vet's Comprehensive Kidney & Urology Care is the nation's only such program at an academic hospital, we are often in the news. Here are some recent news items and patient stories.

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