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Submission Guidelines & Forms

Shipping - We recommend using UPS or FedEx or courier delivery with tracking for shipment of all specimens. Specimens submitted via the US postal service are routed through the main campus, which limits tracking of individual shipments, and often adds an additional day or more for specimen delivery. Make sure to satisfy packaging requirements as damaged or leaking packages may be seized and not delivered.   

Submission forms - Include a completed submission form for each patient; please use laboratory-specific forms if submitting multiple test types. Make sure to label all specimen containers, tubes, and slides with relevant patient and site information.  

Multiple laboratory submissions - Specimen types to different laboratories can be submitted in the same shipment. Formalin exposure will, however, negatively impact cytology slides, urine quality, and chemistry testing, so submission in a different box is ideal. If the same box is used, vapor proofing is needed. Review specimen guidelines for each laboratory/submission type.  

New clients - If you are a new client/clinic interested in using PVDL, please call ahead to set up an account with us – this will help to expedite processing of your specimens upon arrival.  

All specimens should be submitted to the specific laboratory at the addresses listed below. All laboratory addresses can be found on submission forms and on the PVDL General Submission Guidelines document.

Laboratory name
MJR-VHUP, Room Number
3900 Delancey Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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