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Zagan, English Mastiff, Neurology patient at Penn Vet, Wobbler's Syndrome

Neurology & Neurosurgery Case Study

Zagan, a five-year-old English Mastiff, was referred to Penn Vet for loss of function of all four limbs (acute tetraparesis). He had recurring bouts of stumbling, and by the time his owners brought him here, he had become unable to rise.

Our Neurology team conducted a comprehensive neurological exam, including an MRI. The MRI showed evidence of cervical spondylomyelopathy, also known as Wobbler's Syndrome. In Zagan's neck region, there were signs of compression of the spinal cord. The surgical team discussed their finding with Zagan's owners and pursued surgical intervention.

A dorsal laminectomy in the cervical spine successfully relieved pressure from the problematic vetrebrae pressing down onto the spinal cord. After his surgery, After a night in ICU, Zagan was moved to a less critical recovery area.

Over the next few days, Zagan began to slowly sit up and eat and drink on his own. With a closely monitored course of medication to reduce inflammation and manage pain, along with recommended physical therapy exercises, Zagan continued to improve. He was discharged soon after surgery.

Recently, Zagan and his owners returned to Penn Vet for a check up and Zagan was pain-free and fully mobile.