Research/Clinical Team

Pediatrics, Genetics & Reproduction

The Section of Medical Genetics at Penn Vet comprises faculty, residents, research fellows, and staff.

 Dr. Margret Casal
Margret L. Casal, DVM, MS, PhD, DECAR (Reproduction)
  • Associate Professor, Medical Genetics
Urs Giger, Penn Vet, Medical Genetics Urs Giger, PD, DVM, MS, FVH, DACVIM, DECVIM (Internal Medicine), DECVCP (Clinical Pathology)
  • Charlotte Newton Sheppard Professor
Paula Henthorn, PhD, Penn Vet, Medical Genetics Paula Henthorn, PhD
  • Professor, Medical Genetics
  • Section Chief, Medical Genetics
Residents, Research Fellows and Staff
Carol Margolis, DVM, Penn Vet Carol Margolis, DVM
Lecturer in Pediatrics, Genetics and Reproduction
 Dr. Samantha Souther, Penn Vet Samantha Souther, DVM
Resident, Pediatrics, Genetics and Reproduction
 Dr. Victor Stora, Penn Vet Victor Stora, DVM
Resident, Pediatrics, Genetics and Reproduction
 Shurnevia Strickland
Metabolic Genetics Laboratory Research Specialist
 Patty O'Donnell Animal Research Specialist
 Caitlyn Fitzgerald
 Animal Research Specialist
 Michael Raducha Medical Genetics Research Specialist
 Karthik Raj Medical Genetics Research Specialist
 Jeffrey Slutsky WSAVA Hereditary Disease coordinator
 Ping Wang Medical Genetics Research Specialist