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Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Team

Radiology members comprise full-time faculty, staff veterinarians, residents, an administrative assistant, along with radiology technologists. We are engaged in clinical service, teaching, and research. We support an accredited three-year radiology residency program that fulfills the training guidelines of the American College of Veterinary Radiology and European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging.

Our residency program is among the nation's best, attracting the brightest veterinary post-graduates in the United States and around the world. Some have pursued academic careers and now contribute to excellence in veterinary diagnostic imaging and development of new knowledge in this field. We emphasize clinical training as well as research during the residency.

Apply to Our Residency Program

Penn Vet Radiology invites applications to our four-year Radiology residency program for the training cycle starting in July 2023. This program fulfills the training guidelines of the American College of Veterinary Radiology. Application should be made through the VIRMP web site. In-person interviews are strongly recommended and if you are interested in visiting, please contact Dr. Mai at with your CV, GPA, and class rank.

Wilfried Mai, Penn Vet, Radiology
 Dr. Lily Duda, Penn Vet
 Penn Vet, radiology, Dr. Yael Mosenco
Jennifer Reetz, Penn Vet, Radiology
Radiology/Imaging Residents
Dr. Rachel Durrwacher
  • Rachel Durrwachter, VMD
  • Resident, Radiology
Sydney Gibson, DVM, Penn Vet
  • Sydney Gibson, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology
Dr. Natalie Goolik 
  • Natalie Goolik, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology 
Dr. Elisa Heacock
  • Elisa Heacock, VMD
  • Resident, Radiology
Christopher Koester, DVM
  • Christopher Koester, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology
  • Maria Mulvihill, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology
Dr. Lawrence Quilty, Penn Vet
  • Lawrence (Alex) Quilty, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology
Dr. Robert Wise 
  • Robert Wise, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology 
Cheryl A. Diehl
Manager, Imaging Services
Russell White, RT (R) (MR)
MRI Technologist
Barbara Kaminsky, RT
Chief Technologist
Amber Amadio, CVT
Radiology Veterinary Nurse
Elizabeth Baldwin, CVTRadiology Veterinary Nurse
Ella Chasan, CVT
Radiology Veterinary Nurse
Amy Dilling CVT, RT, (R), (CT)
Radiology Veterinary Nurse
Jennifer Marone, CVT
Radiology Veterinary Nurse