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Surgery Clinical Team

Our surgery team comprises board-certified expert faculty/clinicians, residents, nurses and technicians, and students. 

Surgery Faculty/Clinicians
Kim Agnello, Penn Vet, arthroscopy, orthopedics, Ryan Hospital
  • Associate Professor, Orthopedic Surgery
  • Arthroscopy
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Total hip replacement
  • Orthopedic oncologic surgery

Lillian Aronson, Penn Vet, surgery, renal transplant
  • Professor, Soft Tissue Surgery 
  • Director, Renal Transplantation Program
  • Microvascular surgery
  • Portosystemic shunts
  • Renal transplantation
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Urinary tract surgery/endourology 

  • Assistant Professor, Interventional Radiology & Critical Care
  • Stenting for tracheal collapse
  • Interventional radiology, vascular interventions
  • Urinary tract surgery/endourology
  • Emergency & critical care

David Holt, Penn Vet, Surgery
  • Professor, Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Airway surgery-brachycephalics and laryngeal paralysis
  • Portosystemic shunts
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Surgical oncology 

Dr. Jennifer Huck
  • Assistant Professor, Clinical Surgery
  • Trauma surgery
  • Brachycephalic airway disease
  • Oncologic surgery 
  • Canine osteoarthritis
Dr. Anna Massie, Penn Vet
  • Anna Massie, DVM, DACVS-SA
  • Assistant Professor, Orthopedic Surgery
  • Arthroscopy
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Total hip replacement
  • Joint resurfacing
Dr. Brian Sutherland, Penn Vet
Dr. Jason Syrcle, Penn Vet 
  • Jason Syrcle, DVM, DACVS
  • Section Chief, Surgery
  • Associate Professor, Clinical Orthopedic Surgery
  • Fracture fixation
  • Total hip replacement
  • Angular limb deformity correction
Susan Volk, VMD, Penn Vet, Surgery
  • Associate Professor, Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Wound healing and reconstruction
  • Regenerative medicine
Dr. Molly Flaherty, Penn Vet
Surgery Residents
Dr. Brittany Abrams, Penn Vet
  • Brittany Abrams, DVM
  • Resident, Surgery
Dr. Marie Burneko, Penn Vet
  • Marie Burneko, VMD
  • Resident, Surgery
No photo
  • Chiara Curcillo, VMD
  • Resident, Surgery
Sarah Friday, Penn Vet 
  • Sarah Friday, DVM
  • Resident, Surgery
Dr. Tiffany Kan, Penn Vet
  • Tiffany Kan, DVM
  • Resident, Surgery
Dr. Hunter Piegols, Penn Vet
  • Hunter Piegols, DVM
  • Resident, Surgery
Dr. Rachel Williams, Penn Vet 
  • Rachel Williams, DVM
  • Resident, Surgery
Surgery Veterinary Nursing Staff
  • Michelle DeVuono Capps, CVT - Surgery Supervisor
  • Marta Bates, CVT - Assistant Surgery Supervisor
  • Austin Boldt, CVT
  • Jess Bosco, CVT - Soft-tissue Surgery Coordinator
  • Peg DeLisle, CVT
  • Cami Elliott, CVT - Surgery/Radiology
  • Lisa Forde, CVT
  • Heidi Herb, CRCST - Sterilizing Manager
  • Patricia Knapp, CVT - Surgical Oncology Coordinator 
  • Casey Richardson, CVT - Soft-tissue Surgery Coordinator
  • Jennifer Simmons, CVT - Orthopedic Surgery Coordinator
  • Scott Baxt, CVT - Nurse Assistant for Surgery and Radiology
  • Nicole Smith - Surgery Veterinary Nurse
  • Karen Steffa-McQuillan - Surgery Veterinary Nurse