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In Recognition of Vet Tech Appreciation Week

It's not easy being a veterinary nurse, technician, or patient care tech. It takes rigorous training, long hours of dedicated care where attention to detail can only be surpassed by compassion, love, and perseverance. 

At both our large and small animal hospitals, veterinary nurses make up an elite team of accomplished, expert professionals who are integral to our delivery of care.

What it Takes

To be a vet nurse, tech, or patient care tech, you need to be strong, courageous, full of heart, ready for sleepless nights, dedicated to every aspect of your patient's care ... after everyone else has gone home, when it's snowing outside, when you've given it everything you have, there's always another patient waiting for you to be there.

You are a veterinary nurse, veterinary technician, veterinary patient care tech.

Every day we thank you. Even if we don't always say it, we are so grateful for everything you do. You make the difference to veterinarians, residents, interns, students, clients... because you will be there for all the patients that come through our doors.

From all of us to all of you... Thank you!!