2015 Penn Vet Student Inspiration Award winners

A Tradition of Excellence

Christiana Fischer, Katherine Very, Meghana Pendurthi, Ashley Cherry, and Jonathan Madara received Penn Vet’s Student Inspiration Awards.

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The Role of MSI2 in Colon Cancer

The Role of MSI2 in Colon Cancer

When active, the MSI2 protein promotes cancer by altering the ability of RNA to make proteins. Dr. Lengner's research shows how.

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Dr. James Ferguson works with Chinese dairy farmers

Partnering With China's Dairies

A Penn Vet team is trying to help Chinese producers better manage herds by improving feed, thereby increasing milk production.

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Penn Vet women change veterinary medicine

Penn Vet Pioneers

Spanning diverse backgrounds and career paths, these women changed the face of Penn Vet and veterinary medicine.

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Maribel, Penn Vet neurology patient

Golden Girl

Getting old is hard to do, especially if you are an aging homeless mutt with health problems. Our neurology team helped out.

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Tamworth piglet at New Bolton's Swine Center

Ivy League Pigs

The Penn Vet Swine Center studies how to improve sow housing and preserve special breeds like this Tamworth pig.

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Comprehensive Kidney & Urinary Care team at Penn Vet

Caring for Kidneys

Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital is the nation's only academic veterinary hospital to offer comprehensive services in urologic and kidney care.

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Dr. Jeremy Wang, Penn Vet researcher, works on germ line integrity

Protecting the Germ Line

The Wang Lab has determined how an enzyme protects the integrity of the germ line by giving rise to a class of RNA molecules.

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