Penn Vet Research Council

The Research Council is comprised of the dean, associate dean for research, departmental chairs, faculty representation from each department, and directors from cross-departmental centers and programs. Meetings are convened by Associate Dean for Research, Phillip Scott and staffed by Executive Assistant, Gayle Joseph. The Research Council meets monthly to discuss recruitment and searches in progress; Penn Vet and University of Pennsylvania policies; research infrastructure planning; and resources for faculty, school-wide as well as campus-wide.

Research Council
Chair — Animal Biology Ellen Puré
  • Departmental Representative
Michael May
Chair — Clinical Studies NBC
Gary Althouse
  • Departmental Representative
Kurt Hankenson
Chair — Clinical Studies-PHL Dorothy Cimino Brown
  • Departmental Representative
Gus Aguirre
Chair — Pathobiology Christopher Hunter
  •  Departmental Representative
Roselyn Eisenberg
Director — VMD/PhD Program  Michael Atchison
Clinical Research Programs

Meg Sleeper

Louise Southwood-Parente

Cross Departmental Centers Mari Lowe Comparative Oncology Center
  • Director – Serge Fuchs

Veterinary Center for Infectious Disease

  • Director: TBA

Center for Animal Transgenesis & Germ Cell Research 

  • Director: Jeremy Wang

Goodman Center for Comparative Medical Genetics

  • Director: John Wolfe

Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center

  • Director: Dorothy Cimino Brown

 Neuroscience Center

  • Director: Tracy Bale
Grants Editor
  Leslie King