Research News, Events & Conferences

Throughout the year, Penn Vet hosts seminars, conferences, symposiums, and speaker series, which serve as forums for academics to share the latest research approaches breakthroughs in a wide array of subjects.

2014 Upcoming Events

 Joint Symposium on Microbial Communities in Health and Disease

October 15-16: CHMI is hosting a Joint Symposium on Microbial Communities in Health and Disease. 

The Last Food Mile Conference

December 8-9: Food loss and waste occurs at all sectors of the food supply chain: at farms, food processing plants, storage and distribution, wholesale and retail stores, food service places, and individual households. This conference, the first of its kind in the nation, will bring together experts from national and international, academic and industrial, public and private sectors.

Past Highlights

Brinster Symposium

Penn Vet and the University of Pennsylvania co-sponsored the inaugural Brinster Symposium in honor of Ralph L. Brinster, VMD, PhD,  often regarded as the father of transgenesis. Dr. Brinster was the first veterinarian to receive the prestigious National Medal of Science.

Learn more about the 2012 Brinster Symposium...

Penn Vet Seminar Programs
Seminar Series  Contact
Animal Biology Seminar Series (ABSS) Colleen McEntee
The Mari Lowe Center for Comparative Onocology Seminar Series Colleen McEntee
Parasitology Seminar Series Robert Greenberg
Pathobiology Department Seminar Series Sarah Hughes