Research News, Events & Conferences

Throughout the year, Penn Vet hosts seminars, conferences, symposiums, and speaker series, which serve as forums for academics to share the latest research approaches breakthroughs in a wide array of subjects.

2014 Upcoming Events

  • 2014 Annual Faculty Research Retreat

    June 13, 2014: The Retreat will be held at New Bolton Center.

    The Marshak Lecture will be delivered by:
    Garret A. FitzGerald, MD
    Chair, Dept. of Pharmacology
    Director, Institute for Translational Medicine & Therapeutics

    This event is for faculty. Please register...

  • Penn Executive Veterinary Leadership Program

    June 23-26, 2014: Penn Vet and the Wharton School have partnered together on a leadership development program designed to help veterinarians refine their leadership skills and get involved in the most pressing global issues that affect animals and humans: zoonotic diseases, food security, disaster preparedness, poverty, and others.
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Past Highlights

Brinster Symposium

Penn Vet and the University of Pennsylvania co-sponsored the inaugural Brinster Symposium in honor of Ralph L. Brinster, VMD, PhD,  often regarded as the father of transgenesis. Dr. Brinster was the first veterinarian to receive the prestigious National Medal of Science.

Learn more about the 2012 Brinster Symposium...

Penn Vet Seminar Programs
Seminar Series  Contact
Animal Biology Seminar Series (ABSS) Colleen McEntee
The Mari Lowe Center for Comparative Onocology Seminar Series Colleen McEntee
Parasitology Seminar Series Robert Greenberg
Pathobiology Department Seminar Series Sarah Hughes