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In the Shelter and Out in the Community

With approximately 7.6 million animals entering shelters around the United States each year—around 2.7 million of which are euthanized, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals—shelter animal medicine is a hugely important facet of the veterinary field.

Serving Pennsylvania's Farmers

As the large animal hospital and campus of Penn Vet, New Bolton Center has a long history of supporting agriculture—Pennsylvania's leading economic enterprise.

Caring For Canine and Equine Keepers of the Peace

Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital, Working Dog Center, and New Bolton Center are proud to serve the animals that protect and serve us. Here are some of their remarkable stories of heroism and healing.

Ryan Hospital: Helping Red Paw Save Pets' Lives

As a Philadelphia firefighter and Red Cross emergency responder, Jen Leary saw the same tragic scenario play out again and again. When fires or other residential disasters struck, there was no organization to coordinate emergency care or assistance for pets, or to return to the scene to continue searching for animals that may be hidden or trapped.

New Bolton Center: A Key Player at Equine Events

P​enn Vet's New Bolton Center is a vital part of the Philadelphia region's equine community. Both as a hospital and a community partner, Penn Vet enhances local equine events through medical services and volunteer participation.