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Campaign Update: The Power of Penn Vet Transforms Clinical Care

Published: Mar 19, 2020

The Power of Penn Vet Campaign, part of Penn’s larger $4.1 billion campaign, will enable the School to accelerate our impact in the areas of clinical care, research, and education. With its $130 million goal, The Power of Penn Vet will support:

•   Training new generations of veterinarians

•   Reinventing academic programs

•   Transforming clinical care

•   Impacting the world

In just its second year, the campaign has already been transformational...

Advancing Dental and Oral Surgery

Schematic of the DOS suite expansion and renovationPenn Vet is the birthplace of the Dentistry and Oral Surgery (DOS) veterinary specialty. As experts in dentistry and complex oral surgery, like cleft palate repair, Penn Vet’s DOS service is sought by clients from across the nation and attracts the finest students and residents from around the world. The service has expanded greatly over the last 35 years, but its current physical space cannot accommodate future growth in surgical capacity.

The Power of Penn Vet will support a DOS suite expansion and renovation that will:

•   Double the space of the dental operatory, increasing surgical stations from two to three, with the option of a fourth station to accommodate busy days

•   Introduce technology — TV screens and cameras — at every surgical station to enhance how we teach students and residents

•   Establish a space to house a Cone Beam CT unit, an advanced imaging modality that allows for 3D imaging of hard tissue structures

For one of Ryan Hospital’s busiest services, the project’s impact will:

•   Deliver care to more patients and significantly shorten appointment wait times

•   Generate, with Cone Beam CT, sharper images that will greatly enhance our clinicians’ ability to plan for complex surgeries

•   Further our faculty’s understanding of various oral diseases and conditions, including cancers in the head and neck

•   Transform how we train future veterinarians, as well as dentistry and oral surgery specialists

Because of its immediate proximity to nine other surgery suites, the Cone Beam CT will provide more efficient care for other surgical patients, such as neurology and orthopedics. This state-of-the-art facility will reflect Penn Vet’s renowned DOS expertise. 

Dr. Alexander Reiter in surgery

“This project will build upon Penn Vet’s reputation as a regional and national destination for the most advanced care of companion animals with complex dental and oral surgical conditions.”

Dr. Alexander M. Reiter, head of the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service

Building the Next Generation of Learning and Clinical Care

Students share their recommendations for an effective learning space

It’s critical that Penn Vet students, the future of veterinary medicine, have access to the most advanced technologies as they gain knowledge and expertise. To support The Power of Penn Vet, the School has begun planning for the new Clinical Skills Center at New Bolton Center.

In order to design the best possible facility for our students, a roundtable discussion was held with Penn Vet faculty, house officers, and students to gather input on the design and expectations of the future Clinical Skills Center.

Campaign co-chair and member of the Penn Vet Board of Overseers Gail Petty Riepe, CW’68 PAR’98, hosted the discussion along with New Bolton Center leadership.

Students shared their recommendations for an effective learning space, including:

•   A large auditorium for medicine lectures and presentations     

•   Classroom and study spaces with technology to support global learning opportunities

•   Space to practice and refine techniques in catheter placements, suturing techniques, haltering, bandaging, and more

•   Access to a lab with both large and small animal models

Bright New Clinical Skills Space

When completed, the Clinical Skills Center will offer:
•   A lab for large and small animal simulations with wet lab space
•   A clinical skills workshop for model fabrication, and 3D printing
•   A 200-seat, flexible use auditorium
•   Dedicated space for study areas, break-out rooms, and rounds
•   A digital lending library
•   A café for students, clients, and faculty

Penn Vet to You

Dr. Barbara Dallap-Schaer at the Houston Penn To You eventLast October, alumni and friends gathered for two evenings of intellectual and social engagement. Part of the University’s Penn to You series, the events featured Penn faculty who discussed the latest in medical and healthcare innovation.

Making stops in Dallas and Houston, New Bolton Center Medical Director Dr. Barbara Dallap-Schaer sat on panels with faculty from the Penn Center for Health, Devices and Technology, Penn Engineering, and the Perelman School of Medicine. Dallap-Schaer spoke about advances in equine imaging, and how what we learn in animal medicine can translate to potential human therapies.