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Dealing With Canine Hip Dysplasia - Twice

When Karen Raspatello realized her dog, Nola, might be suffering from hip dysplasia, she knew what she was in for. And she knew whom to call. Karen and her husband had already undergone a similar experience with their other German Shepherd, Savannah, successfully treated with total hip replacement surgery by Kimberly Agnello, DVM, MS DACVS, orthopedic surgeon at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital.

Veterinarians - Protecting Animals and People

Illegal trafficking in exotic animals has drastic implications for both the contraband animals and humans. Live animals that are smuggled from country to country frequently die en route in unspeakable conditions. Those that survive may introduce diseases to other species and possibly to human beings. The ease and frequency with which people travel nowadays brings with that convenience potentially life-threatening pandemics, as well as environmental degradation and the extinction of species as endearing as the elephant, rhinoceros and tiger. Veterinarians play a crucial role maintaining public health safety by tracking, assessing and controlling animal diseases. And Penn Vet is at the forefront of this important work.