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Prosthetic for Pete

Benjamin Spalding was working late when he heard the screams.

He ran outside to investigate and saw that a fox had startled Pete, his 34-year-old Mealy Amazon parrot. As Pete climbed up the side of the backyard aviary, the fox grabbed his foot and tore it off.

Training the Next Generation

Penn Vet has long been recognized for its pursuit of excellence in education and training. While Exotics medicine is highly specialized, Ryan Hospital’s Exotics service is busy and robust, providing important exposure to students during their clinical rotations. Fourth-year students with a strong interest in Exotics medicine can take additional Exotics rotations as electives.

Champion Show Holstein Returns to the Ring

In the world of show cows, Barbara is a super star. Cattle shows are a world unto themselves with unique requirements and plenty of insider lingo. There are many specifics to show judging, and if you haven't taken part in this type of event before, take heed: every judge has his or her own system, which usually starts at the head and goes all the way through to the tail, looking at finer points along the way.