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Donald Neiffer and Andrew (Andy) Nebzydoski

Penn Vet Honors Two Graduates with 2024 Alumni Achievement Awards

May 21, 2024; PHILADELPHIA, PA – The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet) has announced Dr. Donald Neiffer, V’92, as the recipient of this year’s Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, and Dr. Andrew (Andy) Nebzydoski, V’84, as the recipient of the Alumni Award of Merit. The awards recognize alumni who are leaders in their fields and embody the values of Penn Vet.

Brianna Blunck and Natalie Bauer standing in front of sign

Exploring wildlife medicine in a summer externship

Two graduating Penn Vet students reflect on their Rocky Mountain Wildlife Veterinary Externship experience last summer, researching black-footed ferrets, bighorn sheep, and elk.

Two people with one of them holding a plaque

SAVMA Student Teaching Awards 2024

On Friday, April 19, the Penn Vet community gathered to honor students, faculty, and hospital staff during the annual SAVMA Student Teaching Awards. Recipients are selected by the student body in a variety of categories.

A dog being trained at Working Dog Center

Bringing cognitive science in action to young minds

Penn Upward Bound high school students from West Philadelphia got a tour of the Penn Smart Aviary, GRASP Lab, and the Penn Vet Working Dog Center during a visit to Pennovation Works.


Dipti speaking to another person

Penn Vet Scientist Receives More Than Half a Million Dollars For Research and Development of Mitigation Technology to Halt Methane Emissions from Dairy Cattle

Funding from Gerstner Philanthropies will study effects of probiotic supplement to prevent methane production in commercial herds.

Photo of a graduation ceremony

Veterinary Advocate Dr. Amanda Bisol, V’11, named as Penn Vet’s 2024 Commencement Speaker

Amanda Bisol, VMD, will deliver the address at the 2024 University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet) Commencement to be held on Monday, May 20, 2024.


A hopeful time for Cryptosporidium research

Boris Striepen of Penn Vet organized the First Biennial Cryptosporidium Meeting, bringing together researchers and clinicians from around the world to discuss the problems and progress around the parasite and the diarrheal disease it causes.

Wild turkey being held by a person.

Understanding disease prevalence in Pennsylvania wild turkeys

Researchers from Penn Vet’s Wildlife Futures Program are collaborating with the Pennsylvania Game Commission and Penn State on a multi-year turkey study.


Penn Vet Announces mRNA Research Initiative to Advance Veterinary Vaccine Science

The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet) announced the launch of the School’s mRNA Research Initiative to fast-track the development of veterinary mRNA-based vaccines and host-directed therapies.

Five people standing with hammers

Penn Vet Kicks Off Construction of New $2.8 Million Richard Lichter Advanced Dentistry and Oral Surgery Suite

The project will revolutionize the oral health, specialty care patient experience for small animals

Woman works in a lab.

Understanding chronic wasting disease in deer

A new collaborative study with Penn Vet researchers analyzed fecal samples to shed light on how the fatal disease impacts the gut microbiome in deer, providing a promising tool for disease surveillance.

Artist's interpretation of human lungs and a virus.

Researchers breathe new life into lung repair

A collaborative effort from teams across Penn culminates in new techniques to repair lung tissue after damage from flu and COVID-19.

fMRI activity

Using fMRI, new vision study finds promising model for restoring cone function

School of Veterinary Medicine and Perelman School of Medicine researchers identified a retinal disease to evaluate the success of gene and cell replacement therapy.

Young Trees

Regenerative Ag Alliance promotes stream health through agroforestry

After meticulous planning, the Alliance planted an initial 250 trees at New Bolton Center with assistance from enthusiastic volunteers and students from Penn Vet and Weitzman. The project aims to enhance water quality in local streams and develop a replicable agroforestry model for the region. Next steps include planting additional areas of shrubs and trees, allowing native plants and grazing livestock to coexist on the same land, creating exciting opportunities for students, researchers, and faculty.


By the Numbers: Penn Vet’s agricultural impact

In addition to excellence in teaching and clinical care for companion animals, Penn Vet makes indispensable contributions to the state’s agriculture sector.

River herring

The Endangered Species Act at 50

Ahead of the anniversary, experts from four schools across the University share their thoughts on the landmark legislation.

Canine illness has been spreading in some parts of the country, and it’s unclear whether this is from a novel organism.

Three takeaways on respiratory illness in dogs

Deborah Silverstein of the School of Veterinary Medicine advises dog owners to stay calm but take certain precautions.

Oriol Sunyer-thumb copy

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine Shed New Light on the Evolution of Adaptive Immunity in Cold-Blooded Vertebrates

[December 1, 2023; Philadelphia, PA] – Upon infection or immunization, all jawed vertebrate species generate proteins called antibodies that bind and neutralize pathogens. Strong and long-lasting antibody responses in warm-blooded species such as mammals are produced in secondary lymphoid microstructures (SLMs) among which germinal centers (GCs) are the centerpiece.

John Donges

Who, What, Why: John Donges

For more than two decades John Donges has worn many hats while working at Penn Vet. This year, he served as editor of the 100th issue of Bellwether, Penn Vet’s alumni magazine.


Wry Not’s Triumph Over a Twisted Fate

A filly born with a rare deformity fights her way to health and into the hearts of New Bolton Center’s care team.