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Requirements for admission to Penn Vet

Course Requirements for Matriculation
Into Penn Vet

At Penn Vet, we celebrate diversity in many respects, including the educational background of our students. As undergraduates, for example, our students have majored in a wide range of topics. Diversity of background enriches our student body and brings unique perspectives to our community.

Once you've been accepted and you've confirmed your place in the VMD program, we will conduct an audit of your coursework to make sure you have the course requirements you need to matriculate and succeed as a student here. Our requirements are in the table below, which you can also download. 

Please note: If you are missing requirements, you will need to complete all coursework by Mid/Late July in the summer prior to matriculation (late August). Final transcripts must be received by this date.  The courses below do not need to be complete by application submission to be considered for admission.  Courses must be C or above to meet a matriculation requirement.

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Penn Vet Matriculation Requirements
  • 6 semester credits (at least 3 must be in composition)
Social Sciences or Humanities
  • 6 semester credits
  • 8 semester credits, including 2 laboratories
  • 12 total semester credits, including laboratory in at least one course; 8 semester credits in general chemistry and at least 4 semester credits in organic chemistry
 Biology or Zoology
  • 9 semester credits, (3 courses) at least one of which must cover the basic principles of genetics
  • 3 semester credits
  • 3 semester credits
  • 3 semester credits
  • 3 semester credits of any Introductory Statistics course

 Tips & Details

  • About Grades

    A grade of C (2.0) or better must be earned for these courses to be considered towards the Matriculation Requirements.  Courses taken as Pass/Fail can also be used towards the requirements, however an email/letter must be sent to us (upon deposit after acceptance) from an advisor or professor to confirm the course grade.

  • Quarters vs Semesters

    For prospective applicants at colleges/universities on a Quarter system, please pay special attention to the conversion to Semester credits. Quarter conversions must be at or above the Semester credit requirement. Anything short, even if by the smallest of fractions, will not meet the requirements. (Penn Vet conversion is: Qtr Units x .66 = Semester Credits).

  • Applying in Your Junior Year

    While we do consider junior year applicants (90 credits to matriculate), the more academic course work you have completed, the stronger the application specifically in science based (bio) courses. Students entering (not applying to) Penn Vet without completing the bachelors degree is less than 1%.

  • About AP Credits

    AP credits will be accepted toward matriculation requirements, however the course and credits given must itemized on your official college transcript.

  • Additional Coursework

    The choice of additional courses (other than the above requirements) is left to you and your required curriculum set forth by the degree granting institution. We recommend taking as many science-based courses as possible prior to applying to Penn Vet (mainly biology as the spectrum of available courses is closely related to medicine). Many of our applicants have at least 15 semester hours in biology and in many cases significantly more. Upper level biology courses with solid grades not only help show academic ability, but also help broaden your knowledge base.

  • A Broad Education

    While courses in the sciences are important for the application, we recommend that students also broaden their college years by taking courses in the humanities and social sciences. These courses don't replace those recommended in the sciences, but supplement learning and growth that should be gained in your undergraduate studies.

Questions? Always Welcome!

If you have questions about our matriculation requirements, or about any part of the application process, we're here to help. Call us, email us, get in touch!