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Financial Assistance

We at Penn Vet understand that affording your education can seem daunting.  We are committed to helping you every step of the way — through budget plans, loan applications, the latest scholarship information, and more.  Friends and alumni of Penn Vet play key roles in supporting student scholarship aid to help reducing our students' debt.  

Please note that we can only answer individual questions regarding financial aid if you have accepted an offer to attend our school.

Nichole Davis Moore, Associate Director, Financial Aid 

Focus: Nichole Davis Moore, Financial Aid

Meet Nichole Davis Moore, Director of Scholarships & Financial Aid

Nichole can help you navigate the at-times confusing landscape of financing your education. She's part of your Penn Vet Admissions team!

Staying Organized

Staying organized with your financial resources is critical to your success and peace of mind while you are a student at Penn Vet and beyond.

Because paperwork for financial aid takes at least eight weeks to process, you should start on it just as soon as you've accepted a place in the class.

Cost of Attendance

The total cost of attendance for one year at Penn Vet includes tuition, fees, and estimated expenses for books, supplies, and room and board. There are also miscellaneous costs for such things as personal items, loan origination fees, and health insurance premiums. (Health insurance is mandatory for all Penn Vet students.)

  • About Residency Requirements

    • Students may borrow funding up to their educational budget as determined by their state of residency.
    • Fees and expenses for PA residents and non-PA resident students are the same.
    • The PA resident subsidy accounts for the differences in the budgets.


The FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid

  • All students MUST submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form between January 1 and May 1 each year at: The FAFSA Code for the University of Pennsylvania is 003378. A FAFSA must be completed and filed every year in order to receive Federal Direct Loans.

Federal Loans

We advise you to apply for a federal student loan as soon as you have accepted Penn Vet's offer for admission.

There are three types of educational loans for which you may apply:

Private Loans

Although private loans are available, Penn Vet considers federal loans to be a better option.  These government loans offer repayment benefits, loan forgiveness options, and other important benefits that private loans do not. 

To learn more about private loans, follow this SRFS link to the section on alternative / private loans.

Penn Vet Scholarships

School-based scholarship funding is limited. Most Penn Vet students finance their veterinary education primarily through loans. There are some exceptions, however, which are outlined below.  Please read through these to see if any might be right for you.

  • Recruitment Scholarships

    We use Recruitment Scholarships to attract exceptionally qualified students who will play important roles at Penn Vet and, later, in the veterinary profession. We award these scholarships to applicants who: show great potential for veterinary school; have plans for the future that they have begun to realize; and take a global approach to the practice of veterinary medicine. 

    We seek students who will add diversity to their class, our school, and Penn; come from normally unrepresented regions of the U.S. or the world; have different cultural backgrounds; and demonstrate unusual or atypical interests.

    While grades are important, these are not the only deciding factors in the selection process for these awards, which are used to secure highly academically capable students and ones we otherwise might not attract.

    Contact the Office of Admissions ( for more information.

  • Opportunity Scholarships

    Opportunity scholarships of $32,000 ($8,000 per academic year) are available for matriculated first-year students. Award recipients are selected based on academic merit and interests, extracurricular activities and financial need during the second semester of the student''s first year. Winners of these scholarships are also paired with mentors who work closely with them all during their years at Penn Vet.

    Learn more about Penn Vet Opportunity Scholarships...

  • Merit Scholarships

    Continuing students are eligible for annual Merit Scholarships, which are made possible by generous donations from the Penn Vet community. The frequency and number of these scholarships depends on available funding. The minimum award amount for each one is currently $5,000. Contact the Office of Students for more information. Download a list of available Penn Vet Merit Scholarships (PDF).

Outside Scholarship Resources

This list can be used as a starting point. The best way to keep up with scholarships and deadlines is to follow these and other clubs & organizations on social media. 


Areas of Study


Diversity Scholarships

Private Foundations

  • William Goldman Foundation Scholarship- Applications are mailed to the the Students Affairs Office each year and students will be notified

State Organizations


Tips & Details