New Bolton Center Kennett Square, PA
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Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Assistant Professor, Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Contact Information:
3800 Spruce St.
Old Vet 370 E (office) 372 E (lab)

Dr. Vaughan’s research is focused on defining and understanding the relevant cell types and molecular mechanisms by which the mammalian lung
is able to regenerate after severe injury. He is especially interested in elucidating the means by which epithelial progenitors contribute to repaired airway and alveolar units after various lung insults (influenza, ARDS, fibrosis). His studies suggest that physiological lung function is in fact dictated by progenitor cell fate choices after injury. Dr. Vaughan and his group have developed a novel orthotopic cell transplantation assay which allows for the direct assessment of engraftment, proliferation, and differentiation potential of these stem cells. Further, he is actively investigating the roles of the Notch, Wnt, and BMP pathways in regulating the differentiation potential and fate of expanded progenitor cells post-injury. His office and laboratory are located on the 3rd floor, office 370E Old Vet.

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BS (Biochemistry) University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2004

PhD (Molecular and Cellular Biology) University of Washington, 2011

University of California - San Francisco (2012 to 2017)
Postdoctoral Fellow