New Bolton Center Kennett Square, PA
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Ryan Hospital Philadelphia, PA


Associate Professor of Laboratory Animal Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Assistant Director for Diagnostic Services and Quality Assurance, University of Pennsylvania - University Laboratory Animal Resources

Clinical Specialties: Research animal veterinary care, including preventive care and management of spontaneous and protocol-related disease, infectious diseases in rodents, husbandry, medicine and oversight of aquatics.
Research Areas: Infectious disease management and eradication in rodent colonies, aquatic medicine, husbandry and oversight, refinements in the care of research animals.
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As lab animal veterinarians, one of our most important duties is to ensure that our patients receive the best management and with minimal pain and distress while they are under our care. I am interested in pain assessment, better analgesic intervention, and enrichment in research animals, particularly rodents and aquatics.

My clinical responsibilities include providing/overseeing veterinary care for research animals of many species to include rodents, pigs, sheep, dogs, fish, and frogs across the University of Pennsylvania campus. I also participate in the training of veterinary students and veterinary residents who want to specialize in laboratory animal medicine.

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BS (Animal Science) Tuskegee University, 1992

DVM (Veterinary Medicine) Tuskegee University , 1992

MS (Veterinary Pathobiology) University of Missouri, 1998