New Bolton Center Kennett Square, PA
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Ryan Hospital Philadelphia, PA


Professor of Ethics & Animal Welfare Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Research Areas: Companion animal welfare, Behavior–companion animal, human-animal interaction

Contact Information:
University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine, Dept. of Clinical Studies VHUP

Behavior and welfare of companion animals; development of human attitudes to animals; history of human-animal interactions; measurement of behavioral phenotypes in dogs and cats; ontogenesis of behavioral problems in companion and working dogs; animal-assisted therapeutic interventions.

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BSc (Zoology) University College, University of London, 1974

PhD University of Liverpool, Liverpool, 1980

Sub-dept. of Animal Behaviour, University of Cambridge. (1979 to 1986)
Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Sub-dept. of Animal Behaviour, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK (1986 to 1989)
Research Associate

Companion Animal Research Group, Dept. of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge (1989 to 1991)
Research Associate

Companion Animal Research Group, Dept. of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge (1991 to 1993)
Senior Research Associate

Davis Center, Department of History, Princeton University (1997 to 1998)
Visiting Research Fellow

College of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis. (2002 to 2003)
Visiting Research Fellow