New Bolton Center Kennett Square, PA
Emergencies & Appointments:
Ryan Hospital Philadelphia, PA


Associate Professor of Clinical Dairy Production Medicine , University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Clinical Specialties: Population disease management in food animals (bovine - porcine)
Research Areas: Food animal epidemiology, food animal microbiology, methods of population research and logistical regression

Contact Information:
University of Pennsylvania
School of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Clinical Studies
New Bolton Center
382 West Street Road

-Consultation to dairy producers focusing on the health of the farm

-Interest/teaching: nutrition, reproduction, financial analysis, environmental impact

-Maintain/update software utilized by consultants, veterinarians and veterinary students

-Support to industry organizations (financial lending, CPA’s, feed mills, research)

-Dairy Medicine “distance” internship program

-Research support to members of Center for Animal Health and Productivity

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DVM (Veterinary Medicine) Iowa State University, 2010

MS (Microbiology/Epidemiology) Iowa State University, 2010

Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine, Iowa State University, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Ames, IA (2010)
Swine Research Assistant

Veterinary Diagostic Laboratory, Iowa State University, Ames, IA (2010)
Necropsy & Bacteriology Technician

Agricultural Veterinary Associates, Lititz, PA (2010 to 2013)
Associate Veterinarian: Food Animal Practice(Dairy)