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Associate Professor of Toxicology, Department of Pathobiology , University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

American Board of Toxicology

Research Areas: Animal decontamination, Anticoagulant rodenticides, Emerging toxicants, Freshwater algal toxins, Toxicology,

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New Bolton Center
Toxicology Laboratory
382 W. Street Road

The PADLS Toxicology Laboratory at New Bolton Center provides a full veterinary diagnostic toxicology service to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Laboratory provides:

• A broad spectrum of analyses for both natural and man-made toxicants including mycotoxins, drugs, environmental contaminants, insecticides, rodenticides, anions, and metals performed on a variety of sample matrices.

• A broad spectrum of analyses for nutritionally relevant compounds including metals (selenium, copper, zinc, etc.)and vitamin E in animal samples.

• Case consultation.

• Assistance in field investigation of possible toxicoses.

• An active method development program for new or emerging toxicants, markers of nutritional status and chemical food contaminants.

Description of Research Expertise

Our research focuses on issues related to environmental contaminants including:
1. Freshwater algal toxins
2. Lead and mercury
3. Anticoagulant rodenticides
4. Animal decontamination related to natural and man-made disasters

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B.S. (Biological Sciences) Stanford University, 1992

V.M.D. (Veterinary Medicine) University of Pennsylvania, 1997