New Bolton Center Kennett Square, PA
Emergencies & Appointments:
Ryan Hospital Philadelphia, PA


Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Associate Professor of Cardiology/Ultrasound, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Section Chief, Imaging, University Of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center

Service Chief, Cardiology and Ultrasound, University of Pennsylvania, New Bolton Center

Clinical Specialties: Cardiology, Ultrasound
Research Areas: Equine cardiopulmonary monitoring, Equine stress echocardiography

Contact Information:
University of Pennsylvania
School of Veterinary Medicine
Dept of Clinical Studies
New Bolton Center
382 West Street Road

Title: Effects of anesthesia on cardiac troponin I concentrations in horses
Investigators: J Slack (PI), V Reef
Dates: 2006-2007

Title: Echocardiographic determination of pulmonary artery pressure in the horse.
Investigators: MM Durando (PI), J Slack (co-investigator), V Reef, EK Birks
Dates: 2004-2006

Title: Right ventricular pressure dynamics and stress echocardiography in pharmacologic and exercise stress testing.
Investigators: MM Durando (PI), J Slack (collaborator), V Reef, EK Birks (Co-PI)
Dates: 2004-2006

Slack J, Stefanovski D, Madsen TF, Fjordbakk CT, Strand E, Fintl C. Cardiac arrhythmias in poorly performing Standardbred and Norwegian-Swedish Coldblooded trotters undergoing high-speed treadmill testing Vet J 267: 105574, 2021.

Reef VB, Davidson EJ, Slack J, Stefanovski D. Hypercapnia and hyperlactatemia were positively associated with higher-grade arrhythmias during peak exercise in horses during poor performance evaluation on a high-speed treadmill Vet J 266: 105572, 2020.

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Agnew ME, Slack J, Stefanovski D, Linton JK, Sertich PL. Sonographic appearance of the late gestation equine fetal intestine Theriogenology 138: 121-126, 2019.

Anderson B, Belcher C, Slack J, Gelsleichter J. Evaluation of the use of portable ultrasonography to determine pregnancy status and fecundity in bonnethead shark Sphyrna tiburo J Fish Biol 93: 1163-1170, 2018.

Luethy D, Slack J, Kraus M, Gelzer A, Habecker P, Johnson A. Third-degree atrioventricular block and collapse associated with eosinophilic myocarditis in a horse JVIM : , 2017.

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BS University of Connecticut, Storrs, 1991

DVM University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1998

MS University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2003

Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

New Bolton Center, University of Pennsylvania, Kennett Square, PA (2004 to 2006)
Fellowship in Large Animal Cardiology and Ultrasound

University of Wisconsin, Madison (2000 to 2003)
Resident in Large Animal Medicine

University of Minnesota, St. Paul (1998 to 1999)
Intern in Large Animal Medicine and Surgery