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Clinical Sciences & Advanced Medicine Faculty

 The Department of Clinical Sciences & Advanced Medicine plays a vital role in Penn Vet's three-part mission to educate veterinarians and the public about animal health, provide service to the public by treating sick pets and other small animals, and develop new approaches through research to improve companion animal health. Our faculty combine clinical practice with ongoing research, positioning veterinary medicine as a leading influence in both human and animal care.



  • Associate Professor of Surgery
Clinical Specialties Orthopedic Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Arthroscopic Surgery, Oncologic Orthopedic Surgery, Soft-Tissue Surgery


  • Professor of Medical Genetics and Ophthalmology

Lab Lab website: Penn Vet ExpeRTs Research Areas Best Macular Dystrophy (BMD), Gene therapy, Inherited diseases, Ophthalmology, Retinal Degeneration


  • Professor, Surgery
  • Renal Transplant Program Founder and Coordinator, Section of Surgery
  • Diversity Search Advisor
Clinical Specialties Soft-tissue Surgery, Renal Transplant Surgery
Research Areas Microvascular surgery, Renal transplantation, Urolithiasis, Urinary tract surgery


  • Assistant Professor of Immuno-Oncology
Clinical Specialties T cell-based immunotherapy, canine cancer
Research Areas T cells in hematologic neoplasms, T cell-based immunotherapy


  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology
Clinical Specialties Small Animal Anesthesia, Locoregional Anesthesia, Ultrasound Guided Locoregional Anesthesia, Acupuncture


  • Instructor, Clinical Ophthalmology
  • Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer
    Clinical Specialties Cataract surgery, Corneal disease, Glaucoma


    • Professor of Ophthalmology

    Lab Lab website: Penn Vet ExpeRTs Clinical Specialties Eye Diagnostics & Surgery
    Research Areas Ophthalmology, Retinal Degeneration, Retinal remodeling, Gene therapy, Photoreceptor cell death


    • Assistant Professor, Clinical Neurology/Neurosurgery


    • Assistant Professor, Clinical Intensive Care Medicine


    • Assistant Professor of Small Animal Clinical Surgery in the Academic Clinician Track
    Clinical Specialties surgery, minimally invasive surgery, orthopedics, soft tissue surgery


    • Associate Professor of Dermatology
    Clinical Specialties Dermatology & Allergy, Food & Skin Allergies, Ear & Skin Infections
    Research Areas Dermatology


    • Professor of Medicine
    Clinical Specialties Internal Medicine
    Research Areas Hematology, Transfusion Medicine


    • Professor of Medical Genetics, Reproduction, and Pediatrics
    Clinical Specialties Genetics, Reproduction, Pediatrics
    Research Areas Canine genetic skin disorders, X-linked ectodermal dysplasia, lupoid dermatosis, ichthyosis, Canine and feline mucopolysaccharidoses, Gene therapy for genetic disorders, Recombinant protein therapy for genetic disorders


    • Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Surgery


    • Assistant Professor of Interventional Radiology
      Clinical Specialties Interventional Radiology, Critical Care, Surgery, Stenting for tracheal collapse, Vascular interventions


      • Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency & Critical Care
      Clinical Specialties Trauma, shock, treatment of hemorrhage, sepsis and SIRS, hypoalbuminemia


      • Professor of Critical Care
      • Associate Chair for Education, Department of Clinical Studies
      Clinical Specialties Emergency Services
      Research Areas Emergency medicine, Urethral obstruction


      • Clinical Professor of Radiation Oncology
      Clinical Specialties Radiation Therapy


      • Associate Professor of Clinical Oncology
      • Director of Oncology Clinical Trials
      Clinical Specialties clinical trials, clinical research, cancer, osteosarcoma, immunotherapy
      Research Areas canine osteosarcoma, cancer pain, immunotherapy, chemotoxicity, chemotherapy mechanisms of action


      • Assistant Professor, Clinical Anesthesiology
      Clinical Specialties small animal anesthesia, large animal anesthesia


      • Director of House Officers
      • Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery
      Clinical Specialties Intracranial surgery, neoplasia, Intracranial surgery, trauma Intervertebral disk disease, Spinal neoplasia, surgical and medical management, Medical management of seizures, Evaluation and treatment of vestibular disease, Evaluation and treatment of neuromuscular disease
      Research Areas 3D printing and veterinary application, Medical management of seizures


      • Professor, Cardiology
        Clinical Specialties Companion animal cardiology
        Research Areas Companion animal cardiology, arrhythmias, electrophysiology


        • Associate Professor, Clinical Anesthesiology
        Clinical Specialties Anesthesia


        • Assistant Professor of Minimally Invasive Surgery


        • Assistant Professor, Clinical Primary Care Medicine
        Clinical Specialties Primary care of companion animals, basic surgeries, dentistry, low-stress handling, geriatric care of companion animals


        • Assistant Professor of Surgical Oncology
          Clinical Specialties surgical oncology


          • Research Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology
          Lab Lab website: Penn Vet ExpeRTs


          • Chief, Section of Medical Genetics
          • Professor of Medical Genetics with Tenure - Clinical Studies & Advanced Medicine
          Research Areas Genetics

          REBECKA HESS

          • Chief, Section of Medicine
          • Professor, Internal Medicine
          Clinical Specialties Diabetes Mellitus, Endocrinopathies, Cushing's Disease, Addison's Disease, Insulinoma, Thyroid disorders
          Research Areas Diabetes Mellitus, Endocrinopathies

          DAVID HOLT

          • Professor of Surgery
          Clinical Specialties Soft-Tissue Surgery
          Research Areas Imaging cancer during surgery, Portosystemic shunts, Brachycephalic airway disease, Laryngeal paralysis

          ELAINE HOLT

          • Professor, Clinical Ophthalmology
          Clinical Specialties corneal ulcers, corneal disease, Glaucoma, canine cataracts


          • Assistant Professor, Clinical Surgery
            Clinical Specialties Companion animal surgery, renal transplantation, surgical oncology, Brachycephalic Airway Disease
            Research Areas FLASH proton beam radiation, tracheal resections and anastomoses

            MARC KRAUS

            • Outpatient Medical Director, Ryan Hospital
            • Professor of Clinical Cardiology
            Clinical Specialties Companion animal cardiology, Cardiac biomarkers in small and large animals, Heart failure management
            Research Areas Companion animal cardiology, Cardiac biomarkers, Antiarrhythmic therapies

            KAITLYN KREBS

            • Assistant Professor of Clinical Primary Care

            MARY LASSALINE

            • Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology
            Clinical Specialties Medicine, Ophthalmology
            Research Areas Corneal wound healing, corneal surgery


            • Pamela Cole Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine

            Lab Lennon Laboratory Clinical Specialties gastroenterology, nephrology, urology, IBD in dogs
            Research Areas Inflammatory bowel disease, gastrointestinal physiology, innate immunity, mast cells, large animal models, dog, cat, mucosal immunology

            JENNIFER LENZ

            • Assistant Professor, Medical Oncology

            WILFRIED MAI

            • Professor of Radiology
            Clinical Specialties Radiology, CT-MRI, CT, MRI
            Research Areas Diagnostic imaging, Radiology, Ultrasonography, Vascular Imaging


            • Professor, Clinical Emergency & Critical Care
            • Service Head, Emergency

            TIMOTHY MANZI

            • Clinical Assistant Professor of Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging
            Clinical Specialties Diagnostic imaging
            Research Areas Imaging techniques, comparative anatomy

            NICOLA MASON

            • The Paul A. James and Charles A. Gilmore Endowed Chair Professorship within the Department of Clinical Sciences and Advanced Medicine
            • Professor of Medicine & Pathobiology

            Lab Mason Canine Cancer Studies Clinical Specialties Internal Medicine
            Research Areas Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells, Chimeric Auto-Antigen Receptor T cells, Adoptive Cell Therapies, Listeria based vaccines, Canine hematopoietic cancers, Canine osteosarcoma, Canine Urothelial Carcinoma, Canine Soft Tissue Sarcomas

            ANNA MASSIE

            • Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
              Clinical Specialties orthopedic surgery, small animal surgery
              Research Areas regenerative medicine, bone quality assessment/biomechanics, implant selection, implant development

              MEGAN MCCLOSKY

              • Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine and Extracorporeal Therapies


              • Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

                KATHRYN MICHEL

                • Professor of Nutrition, Department of Clinical Sciences and Advanced Medicine
                • Associate Dean of Education
                Clinical Specialties Animal Nutrition, Medicine
                Research Areas Animal diets, Diet, Nutrition, Obesity

                KEIKO MIYADERA

                • Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology

                Lab Miyadera Laboratory Clinical Specialties Inherited diseases of the eye in animals
                Research Areas Molecular basis of inherited retinal degeneration in dogs

                DANIEL MORRIS

                • Professor, Dermatology
                Clinical Specialties Dermatology, Food & Skin Allergies, Ear & Skin Infections
                Research Areas Cutaneous infectious diseases, Cutaneous zoonoses, Dermatology, Malassezia yeast, Microbiology, Staphylococcus spp.

                ARIEL MOSENCO

                • Professor, Clinical Medicine
                  Clinical Specialties Internal Medicine, Nutrition, Endocrine
                  Research Areas Internal Medicine, Nutrition

                  CYNTHIA OTTO

                  • Graduate Group Member
                  • Director, Penn Vet Working Dog Center
                  • Professor of Working Dog Sciences & Sports Medicine
                  Clinical Specialties Canine Sports Medicine, Physical Rehabilitation, Canine Behavior, Critical Care
                  Research Areas Canine sports medicine Human-animal interaction, Behavior , Behavior–companion animal, Canine behavior, DNA Bank, Emergency medicine, Working dog center

                  MARK OYAMA

                  • Charlotte Newton Sheppard Endowed Chair of Medicine
                  • Chair, Department of Clinical Sciences & Advanced Medicine
                  • Professor, Department of Clinical Sciences & Advanced Medicine
                  • Associate Scholar
                  Clinical Specialties Cardiology, Cardiac Examinations, Echocardiograms, ECG, Non-invasive & Invasive Surgeries
                  Research Areas Animal models of heart disease Heart Disease Myxomatous mitral valve disease Cardiac biomarkers Clinical trials Epidemiology Biostatistics Diuretic resistance

                  LENA PROVOOST

                  • Lecturer, Clinical Small Animal Behavior and Welfare
                    Clinical Specialties Companion animal behavior medicine, chronic pain, emotional disorders, canine behavior, feline behavior
                    Research Areas Effect of chronic pain on behavior, influence of pain on emotions, inflammatory mediators and behavior, cognition

                    ERICA REINEKE

                    • Associate Professor, Emergency & Critical Care
                    Clinical Specialties Emergency Services
                    Research Areas Emergency medicine

                    CHELSEA REINHARD

                    • The Bernice Barbour Assistant Professor of Clinical Shelter Medicine
                    Research Areas shelter medicine

                    ALEXANDER REITER

                    • Chair, Companion Animal Program, Penn Annual Conference Educational Program Committee
                    • Professor of Dentistry & Oral Surgery
                    • Head of the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service
                    • Director of the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Residency Program
                    Clinical Specialties Dentistry, Oral Exams, Dental Surgeries
                    Research Areas Maloccluding teeth, Periodontal disease, Dental Disease, Periodontal surgery – feline and canine, Tissue regeneration

                    MARK RONDEAU

                    • Professor of Clinical Medicine
                    Clinical Specialties Internal Medicine

                    KATHRYN ROOK

                    • Assistant Professor, Clinical Dermatology and Allergy
                      Clinical Specialties Canine cutaneous epitheliotropic T-cell lymphoma, Immunologic basis of dermatologic disease

                      PASCALE SALAH

                      • Associate Professor, Clinical Medical Oncology
                      Clinical Specialties Lymphoma, Hemangiosarcoma, CAR-T Cell, Immunotherapy, Osteosarcoma, Medical Oncology
                      Research Areas Lymphoma, Hemangiosarcoma, CAR-T Cell, Immunotherapy, Osteosarcoma, Medical Oncology

                      DEBORAH SILVERSTEIN

                      • Professor, Emergency & Critical Care
                      • Chief, Section of Emergency & Critical Care
                      Clinical Specialties Emergency Services
                      Research Areas Emergency medicine, Respiratory

                      CARLO SIRACUSA

                      • Associate Professor, Clinical Behavior Medicine
                      Clinical Specialties Animal behavior, stress evaluation, canine aggression
                      Research Areas Animal behavior, stress evaluation, canine aggression

                      KIMBERLY SLENSKY

                      • Assistant Professor, Clinical Emergency & Critical Care, Ryan Hospital
                      Clinical Specialties Intensive care, emergency and critical care

                      RAGHAVI SUDHARSAN

                      • Research Assistant Professor of Experimental Ophthalmology

                      JASON SYRCLE

                      • Associate Professor of Clinical Orthopedic Surgery
                      Clinical Specialties Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery, Fracture Repair, Total Hip Replacement, Angular Limb Deformity Correction

                      VINCENT THAWLEY

                      • Associate Professor of Emergency and Critical Care
                      Clinical Specialties Emergency Medicine, Critical Care

                      CHARLES VITE

                      • Professor of Neurology

                      Lab Vite Laboratory Research Areas Epilepsy Feline and Canine models of neurodegenerative diseases Niemann-Pick type C disease Globoid cell leukodystrophy (Krabbe disease) Neurodegenerative diseases Neurology Neuroscience

                      SUSAN VOLK

                      • Associate Professor, Small Animal Surgery
                      • Faculty

                      Lab Volk Laboratory Clinical Specialties Soft-Tissue Surgery
                      Research Areas Wound repair and regeneration Extracellular Matrix Scar formation and fibrosis Regenerative medicine Cell-based therapies Tumor microenvironment

                      LORI WADDELL

                      • Professor of Clinical Critical Care Medicine
                      • Service Head, Intensive Care Unit
                      Clinical Specialties Critical Care

                      BRITTANY WATSON

                      • Director, Shelter Animal Medicine
                      • Associate Professor of Clinical Shelter Medicine
                      Clinical Specialties Shelter Animal Medicine, Humane Education
                      Research Areas Shelter Animal Medicine, Humane Education, Educational Leadership