Choose Your Test

At PennGen, we offer you the choice between DNA testing and metabolic testing. Select the best option for your animal(s). 

When to choose a DNA test

Choose “DNA Tests” if you would like testing for a specific DNA variant in a specific breed.

  • These tests will require either cheek brushes or EDTA blood samples as a source of DNA for the test.
  • These tests are possible when a causative variant/mutation or a linked marker is known in a breed.
  • These tests are breed-specific. 
When to choose a metabolic test

If you suspect a metabolic defect, a storage disease including mucopolysaccharidosis or Fanconi  Syndrome in a patient, please choose “Metabolic Tests”. If you would like to assess the presence of cystine in the urine, please choose “Metabolic Tests”. These tests will require some combination of urine, serum, and/or blood smears for analysis of various metabolites, depending on the suspected disease.

  • Why Use PennGen

    Hereditary diseases of companion animals are an important problem for clinicians, breeders and owners. More than 900 inherited disorders have been identified in the dog and over 200 in the cat.

    We at PennGen have been at the forefront of identifying and characterizing hereditary diseases in companion animals for more than 40 years, including research to uncover the molecular basis and developing DNA tests for canine and feline genetic diseases.

    We are a genetic testing facility operated through the Section of Clinical Genetics and Advanced Therapies (CGAT) as a group of laboratories offering testing for a variety of genetic diseases, metabolic screening for inborn errors of metabolism, and other diagnostic services.