Recent Publications

– 2021 –

  1. Farnham M, Ortved KF, Homer JS, Wagner NJ, Burris DL, Price C. Lubricant effects on articular cartilage sliding biomechanics under physiological fluid load support. Tribology Letters, 2021.
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  4. Cameron AD, Even KM, Linardi RL, Berglund AK, Schnabel LV, Engiles JE, Ortved KF. Investigation of the effects of AAV-mediated overexpression of IL-10 on the immunomodulatory properties of equine BM-MSCs. Human Gene Therapy, 2021.
  5. Gaesser AM, Underwood C, Even KM, Linardi RL, Reef VB, Engiles JE, Ortved KF. Evaluation of autologous protein solution injection for treatment of superficial digital flexor tendonitis in an equine model. Frontiers Vet Regen Med, 2021.
  6. Cianci JM, Wulster KB, Richardson DW, Stefanovski D, Ortved KF. Computed tomographic assessment of fracture characteristics and subchondral bone injury in Thoroughbred racehorses with lateral condylar fractures and their relationship to outcome. Vet Surg, 2021.

– 2020 –

  1. Moss KL, Jiang Z, Linardi RL, Gale AL, Dodson ME, Grzybowski C, Haughan J, Robinson M, Ortved KF. Sustained interleukin-10 transgene expression following intraarticular AAV5-IL-10 administration to horses. Human Gene Therapy, 31:110-118, 2020.
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  3. Brown KA, Davidson EJ, Johnson A, Wulster KB, Ortved KF. Assessment of intra-synovial inflammatory cytokines in horses with standing cone bean computed tomographic evidence of cervical articular process joint osteoarthritis. EVJ, 2020.
  4. Haughan J, Jiang Z, Stefanovski D, Moss KL, Ortved KF, Robinson MA. Detection of intra-articular gene therapy in horses using quantitative real time PCR in synovial fluid and plasma. Drug Testing and Analysis, 2020.

– 2019 –

  1. Doering AK, Reesink HR, Leudke LK, Moore C, Nixon AJ, Fortier LA, Ducharme NG, Ross MW, Richardson DW, Ortved KF. Return to racing after internal fixation of carpal slab fractures in Thoroughbred and Standardbred racehorses. Veterinary Surgery, 2019.
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  5. Chapman H, Richardson DW, Ortved KF. Arthrodesis of the metacarpophalangeal and metatarsophalangeal joint to treat osteoarthritis in 17 horses. Veterinary Surgery, 48:850-857, 2019.

– 2012 - 2018 –

  1. Ortved KF, Begum L, Stefanovski D, Nixon AJ. AAV-mediated overexpression of IL-10 mitigates the inflammatory cascade in stimulated chondrocyte pellets. Current Gene Therapy, 18:171-179, 2018.
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  8. Ortved KF, Nixon AJ, Mohammed HO, Fortier LA. Treatment of subchondral bone cysts of the medial femoral condyle in mature horses with growth factor enhanced chondrocyte grafts: A retrospective study of 49 cases. Equine Vet J 44:606-613, 2012.