Oriol Sunyer, PhD, Penn Vet

Researching innate and adaptive immune processes of vertebrates

Penn Vet Pathobiology Lab

Penn Vet's Diagnostic Labs Help Keep Diseases at Bay

Dr. Michael Povelones, Penn Vet

Targetting Mosquito Immunity to Fight Disease


The Department of Pathobiology is dedicated to teaching and research in pathology, infectious diseases and immunology, and laboratory animal medicine. Our mission statement is “To understand the nature of disease and its impact on humans and animals.”

Located on both the Philadelphia and New Bolton Center campuses, it has an outstanding reputation for fundamental research, and provides crucial clinical services for the School and the State. Furthermore, by offering the very best training for veterinary students, residents, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, the Department is helping to mold the future leaders in veterinary medicine and in basic research.

Research Associate Positions

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