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What Do You Think? Can Dogs Detect COVID-19?

We think they can, but we want to prove it and we need your help.

  • Help us prove that dogs can sniff out COVID-19

    The Penn Vet Working Dog Center is looking for individuals in the United States tested for COVID19 SAR-CoV2 by nasal swab or sputum test to assist in our research study to determine if dogs can detect COVID19.

    We are seeking individuals over 18 years of age who either will be tested or have been tested and have received results (positive or negative) in the past 24 hours.

    Eligible participants will be asked to complete a brief health survey, then eligible participants will be sent a cotton T-shirt to be worn one night while sleeping. The T-shirt will be packaged and shipped back to the Penn Vet Working Dog Center to be used in training and testing the dogs.

    This study may help us identify a unique odor associated with COVID19 infection and guide novel screening methods.


    For questions please contact:

    • Dr. Cynthia Otto, Penn Vet Working Dog Center
    • 3401 Grays Ferry Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146
    • 215-898-3390

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Who We Are & What We Do

Inspired by the Search & Rescue Dogs that responded following the attacks on 9/11, the Penn Vet Working Dog Center opened on September 11, 2012 and serves as a national research and development center for detection dogs. 

Meet the heroic search dogs of 9/11 (PDF)...

With the United States national security under constant threat from attacks, detection dogs are still the best tool that we have to detect and mitigate potential threats. Search dogs are also critical for locating victims of natural and man-made disasters.

The special scenting ability of dogs also allows them to serve in important ways such as cutting edge research to support global health or conservation detection.

As pioneers in the working dog field, our goal is to increase collaborative research and the application of the newest scientific findings and veterinary expertise to optimize the performance of lifesaving detection dogs.